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Vets report a large number of pet owners ask about what people foods are acceptable for use as dog food. The motivations behind the question come several directions, from wanting to share the family goodies with the favored pet to wondering how to add tasty and nutritional food to the diet.

The answer is that some, but not all, human foods areoat good for dogs. In general, the filter for what is good or bad is very similar to that for humans who eat healthy: Avoid bad foods and seek healthy, nutritional foods. Add to that the principle of moderation and you have the basics behind the following list of 15 people foods you can share with your dog.

1. Peanut butter

Most dog lovers know dogs love peanut butter. Its unique smell ensures a dog’s interest when the PB&J’s are being made.

One reason so many parents feed children these sandwiches is that peanut butter is often on the list of healthy foods for kids. It turns out peanut butter is full of nutrients and can play a role in keeping a dog healthy.

Vets at both The Nest and Paw Nation speak favorably of peanut butter being one human food that almost all dogs can and do enjoy. Of course, they don’t need the jelly and the peanut butter served to dogs should be all-natural, avoiding chemicals, salt and sugar. The peanut is a prime source of nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats.

It’s okay to go with either creamy or crunchy, although crunchy will get a bit more of the desirable facts into the dog’s system.

One strong caution about peanut butter concerns allergies. A very few dogs will exhibit the same problem with peanuts that affect some humans. It’s important to observe a dog’s reaction for a time after they are given their first taste of peanut butter.

If there seems to be any problem, get the dog to a vet as quickly as possible. There are actually peanut-sniffing dogs trained to protect children with this allergy. They alert at the slightest smell of peanuts.

Many vets recommend using peanut butter as an excellent camouflage for pills and other dog medicines. Many will gulp a glob of peanut butter down, oblivious to any hidden pills.

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Here’s one tip for feeding a dog peanut butter. Skip the spoon and scoop the peanut butter with a carrot or similar item. Dogs get excited about peanut butter and may bite down too hard on the spoon. There are actually case each year, according to Paw Nation, where dogs swallow a spoon or get it lodged in their throat in their frenzied acceptance of this favored treat.