Hi all, I recognize this is one crazy arcane question, yet here goes. I need to jump begin a auto but upon opened the hood of mine leased MB C300 sedan, I discovered that most of the stuff, including the battery proper, is under one plastic dashboard or the other (which I"m loath come move because it is a lease). The only easy access is come the positive port, together if to discourage making use of the Mercedes" battery to "donate" a charge to another vehicle, since the method I learned it, you have actually to connect the red clips to the confident terminals top top both vehicles" batteries, then affix the black color clip on one end to the an adverse terminal the the donor vehicle"s battery, and also the various other one to a metal engine part of the "jumpee" vehicle.If anyone can steer me to a means to execute this I"d evaluate it.

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Not make the efforts to be a dick, but Google appears to have actually a bunch of information that should suggest you in the best directionhttps://www.google.com/search?client=fi ... Cedes+c300Using it to start an additional car is, I"d think, a matter of i m sorry battery is charged, and which isn"t.

Thanks for the reply, but pretty much every one of those the I have the right to see room telling you how to jump begin the Mercedes, not exactly how to use it to jump start one more car making use of the Mercedes together the donor. If it were around the Mercedes" battery gift dead it would certainly be quite straightforward.

Thanks because that the reply, but pretty much all of those the I deserve to see space telling you exactly how to jump start the Mercedes, not just how to usage it to run start an additional car using the Mercedes as the donor. If it were around the Mercedes" battery being dead it would certainly be pretty straightforward.
Isn"t the concern primarily around where to connect the cables? I"ve never ever attached donor/receiver cables differently, unless there"s other special about ZEE Germanz, in this case.After the cable attachment, it"s the exact same process, no? girlfriend hook up jumper cables to the corresponding vehicle"s batteries, one battery low, and also one battery charged. Electrical power flows toward the low charge. Start the donor, then begin the receiving vehicle.Edit: I"ve heard the very same bit around attaching the an unfavorable cable to a metal jump point, for some vehicles, yet I"ve never had a mechanic to speak it was necessary.One of those write-ups notes that, absent a run point, to affix the battery cable straight to the battery, FWIW.

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It doesn"t issue which automobile is the jumper and which is the jump-ee, the terminals will work just the same. Use the use "positive port" and basically any type of bare chunk of steel on the C300. It need to be running before you do the connections, so friend don"t begin discharging the good battery into the poor one and also possibly end up can not to begin either.Side note: the battery in the Mercedes can well no be almost everywhere under the hood - it might be in the trunk.

Yeah you can connect to a floor or an unfavorable terminal on both car if girlfriend want. They speak to usage a ground allude rather than the an adverse terminal top top the receiving battery come avoid developing a direct circuit battery to battery in case the battery is faulty or damaged, which could result in your formerly working battery gift damaged or causing a fire or something. The Merc should have actually a negative terminal because that jumping the is actually just a ground point anyway, according to the hands-on I saw. Here"s some other people"s opinions:https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/que ... Jump-starthttps://mechanics.stackexchange.com/que ... E-terminalUltimately, the best way to perform the project of jump starting another vehicle is to use a an equipment designed to do so. There space a many lithium battery based devices for the project that are an extremely safe and reliable and also affordable. Much better to fry a $50-80 battery pack an equipment than to fried food a much much more expensive battery in your Merc or risk damage to the electrical systems or also a fire.