Code Geass: Ten Facts About C.C. C.C. is an interesting character full of mysteries. Here are some facts that you need to know about her.

Code Geass is filled with many strange characters, but C.C. is probably the strangest one of them all. The young girl is introduced after being captured by Britannian forces and gifts Lelouche his geass power after seemingly being killed. C.C. comes off as emotionless and doesn"t form connections with the cast outside of Lelouch. While she is in the Black Knights, she seems to only help with the cause because of her contract with Lelouch. She can use a knightmare, and by the end of the series, it is revealed that she has had ties to the royal family for years.

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C.C. has been around for quite some time, but she is immortal. Due to becoming immortal, her body is frozen to look as if she is 16 years old. C.C. will never be able to go grow older unless she makes someone take on her immortality.

Thanks to her young appearance, she can easily blend in with the students at Ashford Academy. This allows her to go out in the day when she wants to meet with Lelouch or try and find some more food to eat.

C.C. has been wandering around for quite some time, and as seen with Mao, Lelouch isn"t the first person she has given a geass to. A prequel manga also reveals that C.C. was giving out powers during the Edo period of Japan.

It is also revealed that the geass she gives out usually grows out of control and becomes a curse for those she contracts with. Due to this, the character Mao is shown as going crazy due to his ability to read minds.

Not only is she immortal, but she has a strange amount of combat proficiency. C.C. can use a knightmare, guns, and seems to show some knowledge in hand to hand combat, which makes fans wonder how she acquired these skills.

It"s very possible that she may have injected herself in wars over the years, where she learned these skills. Either way, the fact that C.C. seems to have trained herself to be effective at killing is a horrifying thought.

6 Only Lelouch Knows Her Name

One of the biggest mysteries in the series is what her name really is. She does tell Lelouch her real name, and from what fans can tell, he is probably the only person she has ever told since she became burdened with immortality.

No fan books or bits of spin-off content mention anything that fans can use to help determine her name. As the series stands, it"s likely that this will never be revealed to fans as most of her history is a secret.

Code Geass actually had a contract with Pizza Hut in Japan when it was airing. The store sold pizzas with Lelouch on the box to help promote the anime, while the boxes of pizza that C.C. consumed had the Pizza Hut logo.

C.C. also orders a special plush named Cheese-kun, who is the mascot of Pizza Hut. Fans have also noted that the pizza she ate was well animated to help viewers of the show feel more hungry when they watched the anime.

4 She Was Around During Medieval Times

C.C. was originally born sometime in the medieval age. This is where she met the nun who granted her geass and then trapped her into a contract that gave her back control of her life after her power began to run out of control.

From what viewers can tell from the flashbacks, C.C. was likely born somewhere in Europe. This also proves that she has been walking the other for hundreds of years in search of someone to finally love her.

C.C. acquired geass because she wanted people around her to love her. As her geass ragged out of control, the people around her became violent with their affection and tortured the young girl causing her to make a deal with the nun.

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In the present-day, her wish remained the same, but she says the Lelouch is the one who finally made her feel loved. This is especially apparent in the sequel movie when the two decide to spend their lives together.

2 She Can Transfer Memories

C.C. is shown to be able to have control over other memories. When she touched Suzaku, she forced him to remember his father murdered and even showed him bits of her past; this can be used in her favor to drive her enemies insane.

C.C. seems to possess a lot of strange abilities related to her power to give out geass. These powers are likely to help her escape captivity as the series has proven that many people would love to use her as a weapon.

C.C. has the ability to detect those who can use geass and uses this to track down Lelouch. She also has the ability to detect those who have strong emotional connections with geass users, which she uses to help locate Nunally.

This ability is especially useful for tracking down those who could be a threat to her and Lelouch. It"s theorized that she has used this power several times in the past as she is quite adept at locating others.

One of the big mysteries at the start of the show was who C.C. was talking to when she was alone in her room. As it turns out, she can telepathically talk to Lelouch"s mom and others that are in the world of C.

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While this power isn"t heavily elaborated on, it seems that she can talk to anyone that she wants to as long as they are present in that dimension. She even seems to be able to talk to V.V. using this power.

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