Peak Month: august 19686 main on CKLG’s Vancouver Charts1 week fight BoundPeak position ~ #3Peak place on Billboard hot 100 ~ “Autumn Of mine Life”“Autumn Of mine Life” lyrics

Bobby Goldsboro was born in Mariana, Florida, in the Florida Panhandle in 1941. Soon after his bear his family members moved 35 mile north to Dothan, Alabama, where he was raised. Goldsboro learned is musical skills as the grew, through the age of twenty-one, Goldsboro ended up being a guitarist for Roy Orbison. Native 1962 to 1964 Goldsboro toured with Orbison, including the tour where The Beatles showed up as the opening act top top the UK tour with Orbison as headliner. That roomed through Roy Orbison and also they became close friends. In 1962, Goldsboro released his very first of four singles on Laurie Records. Only one of these, “Molly,” do the Billboard hot 100, and only marginally.

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Having switched labels, joined Artists had sent him 3 songs to select from in development of recording, hopefully, a hit record. However after sitting and also listening to the 3 songs, Bobby thought none of them were fight material. For this reason he sat under in his parents life room and wrote “See The Funny tiny Clown”. The track peaked at #9 on the Billboard warm 100 as soon as Goldsboro was turning 23 year old. Yet didn’t appear on the CFUN charts in 1964. That year Goldsboro was the opening act on tour with the roll Stones. Subsequently, he was the opening act ~ above a tour headlined by the four Seasons. The adhering to year he to be the opened act top top tour v The coast Boys.

After “See The Funny little Clown”, Bobby Goldsboro exit several an ext singles. “Whenever he Holds You” peaked in ~ #39 on the Billboard charts. Then, a Burt Bacharach-Hal David song titled “Me Japanese Boy i Love You”, stalled in ~ #74. Although the song around a Japanese boy and his affection for a Japanese girl to be sweet-natured, the third person narration in the tune didn’t connect with radio audiences throughout Beatlemania. Goldsboro’s next release, “I Don’t recognize You Anymore”. The failed to crack the Billboard warm 100. Bobby Goldsboro was beginning to wonder if he to be going to it is in remembered as a one-hit-wonder. Then he tape-recorded “Little Things”. The tune went to #13 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. But consistent success eluded him. Of his following twelve singles released in between 1965 and 1968, only three make the top 40, and only marginally.

One that the singles the released throughout this period was “Broomstick Cowboy”. Dick Clark had actually Bobby Goldsboro perform on American Bandstand. However, the told Goldsboro that abc wouldn’t allow “Broomstick Cowboy” be play on the show. Alphabet banned the song from all the alphabet affiliated radio stations. The song’s text told about a young boy that plays v his broomstick cowboy and his toys. Climate he has actually to become a soldier and fight in a war. He has to “learn come hate” and “learn to kill.” The lyrics teach: “It’s constantly been the way, my son, i guess it always will.” however the track that lamented the adjust in the boy that now has actually to speak to a guy his enemy he once dubbed friend and questioning why world have to die was too controversial. Many DJ’s provided the song a pass and also it peaked in ~ #53 ~ above the national charts. Goldsboro recalls, “half the train station in the nation wouldn’t play the (“Broomstick Cowboy”). On the American Bandstand show, dick Clark told Bobby Goldsboro he had to song the B-side to “Broomstick Cowboy,” title “Ain’t gained Time because that Happy.” Nonetheless, “Broomstick Cowboy”peaked at #6 in mountain Jose (CA), #7 in Orlando (FL), #10 in Knoxville (TN) and also Nashville (TN)

In 1968, Goldsboro had an global best-selling solitary called “Honey”, composed by Bobby Russell, offering over five million records. His follow up solitary was “Autumn of my Life” is a tune Bobby Goldsboro wrote and also recorded as a single for his album Word Pictures.This to be on the follow up album to Honey.


“Autumn of my Life” is a song Bobby Goldsboro wrote and recorded as a solitary for his album Word Pictures.This was on the monitor up album to Honey.

“Autumn Of my Life” speaks of a marital relationship relationship and also offers the metaphors that spring and summer as its zenith. Over there is joy and also the bear of a child. Loss is the moment in the connection where joy has actually turned come tears and by the moment the child has reached the period of ten the marriage ends in separation and divorce. Goldsboro is using poetic license when he offers the indigenous life, as the track details a relationship that it s long a only ten years. Despite the scenario described in the song might reasonably presume end the food of a normal life many much more years because that the divorce ex-husband, he considers the decades remaining in his life as the autumn of his life. In addition, the text convey no regrets together the father contends his life is richer because that what he and also his ex-wife were able to share together.

“Autumn Of my Life” peaked in ~ #19 on the Billboard warm 100. It’s ideal chart operation were approximately #2 in Columbus (OH) and also York (PA), #3 here in Vancouver (BC), Philadelphia and also Seattle, #4 in Syracuse and also Dayton (OH), #5 in Madison, #6 in Kansas City and also Denver, #7 in Cincinnati and also Hartford; and also #8 in Toronto and Boston.

Goldsboro next Top 40 hit was “Straight Life” in the winter of 1968-69. He had actually a peak Ten fight in Vancouver in the loss of 1969 v “Muddy Mississippi Line“. And also in 1970 Goldsboro went back to the popular music charts v “Watching Scotty Grow”.

In the year that complied with Goldsboro had actually a TV display that ran for 3 years beginning in 1973. He wrote “Behind close up door Doors”, a million-selling hit because that Charlie Rich. He developed a firm that published “Wind beneath My Wings”, a hit because that Bette Midler. End his career he has been a nominated for a Grammy award 6 times.

In the 1980’s Goldsboro began writing the first of his ten best-selling children’s books. He also successfully developed 52 illustration of his children’s TV series, The Swamp Critters of lost Lagoon. The effort featured Goldsboro composing the scripts, music, play all the instruments and also doing the voices because that each of the man characters.

In addition to his job-related as a touring musician, songwriter, author and also TV producer, Bobby Goldsboro has end up being an created painter. According to his official website, Goldsboro’s countless paintings have actually been to buy by arts galleries throughout America. And also they have been marketed for as much as $25,000. In the loss of his genuine life, Bobby Goldsboro and his 2nd wife, Dianne, have actually been married since 1985, after a year that courting.

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