Uryu begins his own investigation to track down the enemy who attacked him. As he goes around searching for clues, he notices that people close to Ichigo are acting strangely. Meanwhile, Ichigo’s Fullbring training is nearing its completion.

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Ichigo escapes from his house in confusion after witnessing his friends and family welcoming Tsukishima as if they’ve known him for years. Regrouping with Ginjo, Ichigo learns that the same change has also happened to Riruka and the other Xcution members.
Ichigo is shocked to learn that Chad and Orihime have now sided with Tsukishima and are even willing to fight Ichigo to protect their precious “friend.” Meanwhile, Ginjo races to help Ichigo, but the remaining members of Xcution halt his attempt.
Summary will be up when releasedUnder the orders of Head Captain Yamamoto, the 13 Court Guard Squad Soul Reapers share their Spirit Energy to restore Ichigo’s lost powers. With his Soul Reaper powers fully restored, Ichigo returns to challenge Ginjo.
While facing each other in battle, Uryu notices that Ginjo’s attack contains the presence of Ichigo’s Spirit Energy. Ignoring Uryu’s warning, Ichigo fires his Getsugatensho attack, only to be countered by Ginjo’s own Getsugatensho attack.

Bleach has been cancelled temporary. It is unknown when Bleach Episode 367 English Subbed will air, due to cancellation of the Bleach anime tv series in Japan.

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