A pair of years ago my children got a Scramble Squares puzzle (http://www.b-dazzle.com/scramble.asp) from your grandmother. A Scramble Squares puzzle includes nine squares puzzle pieces. The sheet of each piece has fifty percent an picture on that (e.g. The head that a zebra, the tail of one elephant, etc.). The puzzle pieces must be i ordered it in a 3 x 3 grid so the the pictures on the edges line up appropriately (e.g. The head that the zebra is against the tail that the zebra). The actual puzzle my kids received to be the Serengeti puzzle. After spending a couple of hours trying to settle the puzzle, I made decision to create a computer system program the would do it because that me.

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This chathamtownfc.net explains how to usage that program to solve any type of Scramble Squares puzzle.

The Scramble Squares Solver program supplies an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document to explain the puzzle pieces. The adhering to is an instance of what the XML because that each puzzle piece looks like:

A Zebra Bottom Giraffe Bottom Rhinoceros height Elephant Bottom NorthEastEach piece deserve to be given a distinct name, designated through the surname element. Every piece has actually a North, South, East, and West next defined. Each side consists of two elements: Image and also Half. Image indicates what picture is ~ above the sheet and half indicates if that is the Top half or the Bottom half of the image. The value use you for picture and half can it is in anything friend like, yet you should be consistent. There have to only be four distinct Image values and two unique half values.

Each puzzle piece likewise has picture in the center. I was not certain if this image had anything to execute with the systems to the puzzle or not, so I included an facet to show which direction this picture was rotated. Together it rotate out, this picture is not significant, therefore this is no really necessary.

The following is an example of what the XML because that the entire puzzle looks like (I exclude, the contents of the PuzzlePiece facets to save space):

3 3 … … … … … … … … …The puzzle XML contains three elements. The first, NumberOfRows, suggests how plenty of rows of pieces have to be in the solution. The second, NumberOfColumns, indicates how plenty of columns of pieces should be in the solution. The last, PuzzlePieces, contains the list of puzzle pieces that make up the puzzle.


The regime I created implements various algorithms to resolve the Scramble Squares puzzle. The quickest of these algorithms is what I referred to as the “Edge fix Algorithm”. It very first determines because that each side of every puzzle piece which various other puzzle piece edges would match it. Climate it only attempts to construct the equipment to the puzzle making use of known corresponding edges. This substantially reduces the number of possible options that necessary to be tested. In the instance of the Serengeti puzzle, just 10,699 solutions had actually to it is in attempted, quite than 95,126,814,720, which is how numerous solutions the other algorithms must test. This algorithm can take less than a 2nd to solve the puzzle (depending top top the speed of her computer).

It take away the computer hours to solve a puzzle using any of the other algorithms consisted of in the Scramble Squares Solver program. If friend would like to read much more about the other algorithms, see the adhering to article: http://mheironimus.blogspot.com/2015/01/solving-scramble-squares-puzzles.html.


You can download mine Scramble Squares Solver regime at http://bit.ly/19IeP32. Friend can also download the source code and unit tests because that the regime at http://bit.ly/1P0U96U. This program will only job-related on Microsoft home windows Vista and also above.

Both downloads incorporate the XML Puzzle papers for the adhering to puzzles:

Serengeti (http://www.b-dazzle.com/puzzdetail.asp?PuzzID=78&CategoryName=Geography%20Puzzles&CatID=6)Pufferbellies (http://www.b-dazzle.com/puzzdetail.asp?PuzzID=74&CategoryName=History%20Puzzles&CatID=7)Classic car (http://www.b-dazzle.com/puzzdetail.asp?PuzzID=149&CategoryName=Hobbies%20and%20Activities%20Puzzles&CatID=8) Ohio State college (http://www.b-dazzle.com/puzzdetail.asp?PuzzID=233&CategoryName=Sports%20Puzzles&CatID=12)

Unlike the various other puzzles, the Butterflies puzzle actually has eight options (two options rotated 4 ways).

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To resolve a puzzle operation the ScrambleSquaresSolver.exe program. Verify the "Edge Solve single Threaded" engine is selected and click the "Select & Solve" button. One "Open Puzzle File" dialog will show up that will allow you to pick a Puzzle record (*.pml). After choosing the preferred puzzle file, click the open button. The regime will then proceed to settle the puzzle.

Once the Scramble Squares Solver Program has solved the puzzle, the will screen the remedies it discovered to the screen. The layout of the output is as follows:

Solution #1Row #1:Column #1: B (Up: Red Car-Top, Right: black Car-Bottom, ...)Column #2: A (Up: Blue Car-Bottom, Right: eco-friendly Car-Bottom, ...)Column #3: G (Up: green Car-Bottom, Right: black Car-Top, ...)Row #2:Column #1: D (Up: Blue Car-Top, Right: green Car-Top, ...)Column #2: i (Up: Blue Car-Bottom, Right: black Car-Top, ...)Column #3: F (Up: Red Car-Bottom, Right: Red Car-Top, ...)Row #3:Column #1: H (Up: black Car-Bottom, Right: environment-friendly Car-Bottom, ...)Column #2: E (Up: Red Car-Bottom, Right: Red Car-Bottom, ...)Column #3: C (Up: Blue Car-Bottom, Right: environment-friendly Car-Bottom, ...)The three puzzle piece that make up the very first row room listed first in left to right order, complied with by the 2nd and 3rd row"s pieces.