Checking her water heater power is the very first thing you should do if you have actually an electrical hot water heater problem.

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Electricity have the right to kill you. If you are not i was sure in your ability to occupational with voltage please speak to a professional.

Most residential electrical water heaters use 240 volts. Your are single element water heaters that operate on 120 volts and solitary element water heaters that run on 240 volts. Examine the label on her water heater because that the voltage rating.

Breakers are usually labeled, however, they can be labeling wrong. It"s ideal to shut off every breakers before removing the access panels.

Common mistakes

Shutting turn off wrong breaker - shut off all breakers until you are sure which one powers the water heater.Using a multimeter the does not work - always test a meter on one outlet the you understand is working.

Removing assess panels and also insulation through the power on – Exposed wiring is just under the insulation.

Power turn off check


Shut the strength off come the water heater. Remove the upper (top) access panel, the plastic security cover and also the insulation.Power enters the thermostat just above the reset button. In this picture you deserve to see the they are numbered 1 and 3.

Each wire is 120 volts once the strength is on. Set your meter at 120 volts or above.

Place one probe on among the terminals and also the other probe on the water heater tank (scratch the tank v the probe to gain a great ground) and check her meter for a reading. You should have actually 0 volts.

If you have actually voltage, the dorn breaker has actually been turned off.


Check the other terminal the exact same way.You need to not have power on ether terminal. If you perform the not correct breaker has been close up door off.If you have actually 0 volts ~ above both sides, the power is off.

Check water heater strength for 240 volts


Turn the power back on. Collection your multimeter in ~ or above 240 volts AC. Touch each terminal, #1 and #3, through the meter probes.You should have a reading of 240 volts. If your meter reads no power, there could still be 120 voltson among the terminals for this reason don"t touch anything.Re-check every terminal similar to you did above only this time the power is on. Every terminal shouldread 120 volts. If you have lost strength on ether side, the problem could be the breaker, or whereby the wiring connects come the water heater, usually at the height of the tank.Side NoteIf a 240 volt connection has only 120 volts applied to it, it will review 0 volts on her meter because it has no ground. That is why you must examine each side using the tank together a ground.

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Water heater power reading may vary 115 to 120 volts and 230 come 240 volts.

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