While Milo Ventimiglia has actually never married, he’s dated several of Hollywood’s many beautiful women. We’ve gained the ‘This Is Us’ star’s romantic history.

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Milo Ventimiglia remains one of Hollywood’s many eligible bachelors in ~ the age of 43. When the This Is Us star is at this time single, he’s dated number of of his stunning TV co-stars end the years. The handsome actor gained fame as poor boy Jess on The Gilmore Girls in the early and mid aughts, prior to continuing his TV career on NBC’s Heroes. A whole new generation currently knows him together Jack Pearson top top NBC’s household drama This Is Us, where he has been helping do audiences bawl your eyes out due to the fact that 2016.

While Milo has actually dated some high profile co-stars, that has constantly preferred to keep the nature that his love life as private as possible. “I try to minimize myself so human being can see the character and can yes, really dive right into the work,” Milo said People in Dec. 2017, adding, “I shot and continue to be as anonymous and invisible together I have the right to so the doesn’t take far from the suffer of the guys that ns play. I don’t recognize how exciting my life is any an ext than anyone else’s.” Here’s the rundown of every one of Milo’s loves.

Alexis Bledel

Real life sweethearts Milo Ventimiglia and also Alexis Bledel in a step from ‘The Gilmore Girls’ episode ‘Lorelai’s Graduation Day.’ photograph credit: The Everett Collection.

Milo and Alexis Bledel met ~ above the collection of the CW’s The Gilmore Girls, once he played her love interest Jess Mariano. Though Rory and also Jess’s dating background was cut brief by too countless outside pressures on the show, the pair had actually a long relationship in genuine life. Milo and also Alexis dated for four years, officially becoming a pair in 2002 prior to calling that quits in 2006.

Alexis, 39, walk on to marry her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser in a mystery 2014 wedding ceremony. She and Milo would satisfy up on screen once again in 2016’s Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life rebirth for Neflix. Milo proceeds to respect his ex’s exhilaration chops, specifically after she winner an Emmy in 2017 because that The Handmaid’s Tale. “I’m very happy for her. She’s always been a great actor and also I think as lengthy as she’s remained in the organization for her to it is in recognized,” the toldThe everyday Dish.

Hayden Panettiere

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere date for 2 years indigenous 2007-2009 while co-starring top top NBC’s ‘Heroes.’ picture credit: AP.

Milo when again dropped for a co-star once he started dating actress Hayden Panettierein 2007, once he was 29 and also she was simply 18. Castle met on NBC’s Heroes, which ran indigenous 2006-2010. Though hisPeter Petrelli and also her cheerleader Claire Bennet didn’t yes, really cross paths and definitely didn’t have actually a connection on-screen the way Jess and Rory did, the couple wasn’t fear to display their romantic feeling in their 2 years together.

Hayden was Milo’s many high file romance, as they to visit a variety of red carpet events together. Also on set, the paparazzi regulated to obtain photos of the hunk and also the starlet making out in prior of your trailers. ~ above their break-up in Feb. 2009, Hayden, 31, began dating then-world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko, 44. They damaged up in 2011 before getting ago together for one more five year stint in between 2013–2018, which produced a daughter Kaya Evdokia Klitschko in 2014.

Isabela Brewster

Milo Ventimiglia and also Isabella Brewster briefly dated from late 2009-10 following his split from Hayden Panettiere. Picture credit: AP.

Milo to be briefly linked to The Fast and also the Furious actress Jordana Brewster‘s younger sister Isabella in so late 2009 into beforehand 2010. The actor and also the talent agent were photographed obtaining cozy in Santa Monica, CA top top December 20, 2009, as Isabella placed her arm lovingly roughly Milo. However the ultra private actor automatically stood apart from her when he spotted the paparazzi zooming in on your date.

Milo and Isabella headed to the Happiest location on planet — Disneyland! — for a February 21, 2010 romantic date where he was photographed planting sweet kisses on her forehead while putting his arm roughly her waist. The two even wore equivalent mouse ear hats! ultimately their short relationship ran that course and also Isabella walk on to day British comedian Russell Brand. She later on married previous NBA star Baron Davis in Jan. 2014.

Kelly Egarian climate Diane Guerrero

Milo Ventimiglia and ‘OITNB’ star Diane Guerrero to be briefly attached after having actually a romantic lunch day in Oct. 2019. Photo credit: AP

Milo’s many recent relationship was with Stella McCartney brand marketing coordinator Kelly Egarian indigenous 2016-2017. They were very first photographed holding hands throughout a Dec. 2016 lunch date in Venice Beach, CA. Kelly to visit the 2017 prime Time Emmys with first time nominee Milo, yet she did not walk the red carpet together his date. Instead, she sat with him inside during the ceremony and also at the post-ceremony dinner.

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The last mrs Milo has actually been attached with is Orange is the brand-new Black star Diane Guerrero, 34. In at an early stage Oct. 2019, the pair was photographed having lunch together at Los Angeles’ mexican restaurant Escuela Taqueria, then headed adjacent for dessert at The Milk Shop. The was later on reported the the 2 were simply friends, and Milo proceeds to it is in tight lipped and also private around his love life.