Some people think of cacao when castle hear the name Dove, while others think of soap. Nevertheless of which category you’re in, did you do it heard of, used, or also relished Dove products: chocolate and also soap. But, they own by the very same company?

Dove chocolate and also Dove soap are not owned by the same company. Cacao is owned by Mars, a brand that provides chocolates and cream, while Dove soap is make by Unilever, a firm that produce soap and also beauty products.

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Read on to discover the difference in between Dove chocolate and Dove soap, that owns them, and also why human being think the same agency makes them.

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Are Dove Chocolate and Soap the same Company?

While both assets have the name Dove, they room owned by different companies. That is not illegal or improper for both commodities (Dove chocolate and Dove soap) to host the exact same name.

This is feasible because 2 registered trademarks deserve to exist v the same mark if each has been assigned to different categories of services or goods. There will certainly be no likelihood of mix them increase or confusing them.

With Dove, one is connected with chocolate and also ice cream products, if the various other is attached to soap and also beauty products. Thus, it is unlikely because that anyone to erroneously bath through a coco bar rather of Dove soap or eat the bar soap reasoning it’s Dove chocolate.

Does Dove Soap do Dove Chocolate?

Dove soap doesn’t make Dove chocolate, no does Dove chocolate make Dove soap.

Dove cacao Vs. Dove Soap

Dove Chocolate

An American Greek called Leo Stefanos created Dove chocolate. He developed the Candies and Cream agency that made ice cream cream bars come be marketed in Chicago alone.

The agency was later obtained by Mars and changed its surname to Dove. Its circulation expanded to various places in the us in 1985 and has because remained atop together a loved chocolate brand for nearly a century.

Dove chocolates are available in various forms the candies, chocolates, cakes, and also ice creams. friend can also get nuggets v fillings, level candy bars, coatings, and also mix-ins Dove chocolates.

You can likewise find gourmet flavored chocolates. The chocolate comes in ranges with peanut butter, almonds, mocha latte, mint swirls, sea salt, and fruits choose cherries, blueberries, and cranberries.


Why Do people Think the Dove Soap and also Chocolate are From the same Company?

People autumn into the difficult-to-get-out misperception around Dove chocolate and also Dove soap products. That’s since both products have an the same product name.

Besides, the name shows up in quite similar colors and fonts on both products. Also, the surname is spelled and pronounced the same way (none has a twisted in it). This has actually made that harder to believe the commodities aren’t from the very same company.

Which Came an initial – Dove Soap or Dove Chocolate?

Dove soap was established in 1957 in the US, while Dove cacao was launched as Dove Candies and Ice Cream in 1939 in Chicago. But, Mars later obtained the firm in 1986. Hence, Dove cacao came before Dove Soap.

Keep in mind that today, unilever (makers the Dove soap), is headquartered in London, UK, and Mars (makers that Dove chocolate) is headquartered in Virginia, US.

Why walk Chocolate and also Soap usage the exact same Name “Dove?”

While it stays unclear why the companies supplied the exact same name, it is presumed the Dove soap owners determined the name as it have the right to attribute to its soap products, signifying peace and also gentleness. Besides, the word suggests mildness and has the connotation of harmlessness.

For the coco brand, the term deserve to be associated to doves, typically used together fancy living decorations and playthings.

Is Galaxy cacao the exact same As Dove Chocolate?

Owned through Mars, Dove coco started being made in the UK together Galaxy in the 1960s. Typically, name are adjusted to very nice to various interests or sensibilities, but over there isn’t any kind of information around this brand surname change.

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Today, Galaxy produces and also sells a wide variety of cakes, ice creams, and chocolate liquid in the UK, middle East, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Pakistan, south Africa, and also India.