This is a short outline the what have actually been said are six key elements in the spiritual tradition that is attributed to Augustine.

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1. Community, wherein all connect in the unified of love as brothers and sisters and friends.

In the community there is to it is in "one mind and one heart on the way to God." (In Latin: Anima una et cor unum advertisement Deum.) that is in community that Augustine has actually placed the greatest focus of his adhering to of Christ, and everything rather he claims finds its resource and purpose within this emphasis. The neighborhood is above all the privileged location where Christ is to be found and experienced.

2. The priority of integral love: love that God, of self and of our fellow humans.

To love is why us were created, and also love is ours destiny. We have to strive to love every person, so as to have also our enemies become our brothers and also sisters. This is double important, for we will certainly find and love God by love our neighbour. Because that this reason, one cannot think that neighbour and also self without including God (spiritual tradition, spiritualita), one can not think the God and also self without considering our neighbour (social justice), and one cannot think that God and neighbour without including self (Christian outreach). Love binds God, neighbour and also ourselves in cosmic mystery.

3. The find for God as a problem of both the individual and of the community.

"Lord, our hearts space restless until they remainder in You." The individual can seek God in ~ his or her own depths (i.e., the rule of interiority), however this task is simpler if undertaken in ~ a neighborhood (for example, a spiritual community, a university community, a parish community). In a neighborhood one senses God in others, and is thus motivated to continue his or her own inward search. In a community, others expose to united state what God has revealed come them in prayer, study and also meditation.

4. Acting as a community, yet with due respect for the individual.

Of utmost importance in Christian ar is the unit of love, the quest for genuine friendship, the concrete love that neighbour as a clear sign of the love the God, and the search for God as the work-related of each one and of every together. As well, Augustine insists the each one of us is distinct from the other, that each has his or her own needs, and also that each calls for a particular freedom within the area of the community. Every member is a servant of the community, and also the ar is the maid of each member. Getting the balance right requires everyone to preserve a proper balance between his or her an individual needs and the common good.

5. Simplicity of lifestyle within a true sharing of the items of the world.

Materials are placed on planet for our use, not for ours misuse. Augustine did not make a virtue the poverty, construed simply as "not possessing". Rather, that insisted top top the virtue of sharing what we have as the starting point because that a freer search for and also possession of the common and also sovereign great which is God, and as the way to ensure the the common an excellent be inserted ahead of personal advantage. This strong endorses the fostering of an ecological education and social justice that is based upon the Bible.

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6. Responsiveness to the mental of the Church: fidelity, openness come the demands of others, evangelical initiatives.

A Christian neighborhood wishes to serve as a small church, to be a design that is confident sufficient to want to attract, encourage and stimulate others to imitate it. Back thus involved in the regional church, a Christian neighborhood must no forget the global mission of Jesus to all civilization everywhere. This involves a practical concern for the underprivileged and also the marginalised, for social justice, and also for Christian outreach. AN2242

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