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These symbols, and also others explored below, are regularly used in tattoos and also body art.

In dreams, there are several other meanings, most prominent amongst them being:

You have lofty aspirations.You should look at the huge picture.

In this article I’ll synopsis the 11 peak wing symbols and also what they can mean come you.

What do Wings Symbolize?

1. Freedom

The most noticeable symbol of wing is freedom. If we had wings, we would have the ability to fly to wherever we want. We might cross rivers and oceans and fly end mountains. For people who obtain wings tattoos, castle will frequently get them together a symbol of their desire because that freedom.

Commonly, the freedom wings price is additionally associated v birds flying right into sunset – which has actually the dual an interpretation of making use of the symbolism of wings (to represent freedom) and also of sunset (which can likewise signify freedom).

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2. Escape

For human being who space imprisoned, wings can also have the additional symbolic meaning of being able come fly over the wall surfaces of the prison to escape.

One that the many quintessential examples of this is Icarus, a personality in Greek mythology. Icarus used his wings to escape the island the Crete. Prior to leaving, he was warned not to fly as well close come the sun or rather he will certainly burn. This to be a metaphor for hubris and also a warning versus it. Icarus walk fly too close come the sun and the wax top top his wing melted. He fell to his death and drowned.


3. Purity and also Innocence

Winged animals are often seen to it is in pure. The many quintessential of these is the dove. The dove’s purity comes both from the truth it has actually wings and also that plenty of breeds space pure white.

Similarly, angels have wings, and are considered by plenty of to it is in sinless. They space messengers the god, and often pictured clad in white towel to further represent their innocence.

4. Refuge and also Support

The saying ‘take you under my wing’ is provided to refer to the idea that you are offering someone refuge and support. It’s also a method of saying that you’ll train them and also show them the correct route in their lives. This is frequently the case with a large brother or mento that feels that is their duty to watch after you.

Often, an outstretched wing the looks like it can cover something will certainly be pointing toward this symbolic idea.

5. A Savior

Many fictitious saviors are frequently represented as arriving with wings. This can hark earlier to the idea the wings offer a path to freedom and also escape. The savior has arrived through special strength (the strength of flight) to help take your burdens off you and take you come a promised land.

6. Reflecting Off

Many pets with beautiful wings use those wing to display off, particularly to potential mates. Butterflies space a large example the this. They will shoot the end their beautiful fancy wings and you might look at them and say “wow, you’re reflecting off!”

Another instance is the bird that paradise, who uses its wing in a adjustment dance. That literally shows off to try to entice female mates who can be impressed by their big beautiful wings. This is a an excellent video indigenous National geographical showing birds of paradise showing off.

7. Protection

Griffins are winged pets of legend that have functions of both lions and also eagles. These animals are frequently pictured as stone statues on homes or on the front door of a house. Their function is to lend security to the civilization inside.

This winged creature might be the beginnings of the idea the winged creatures have the right to offer protection. Unlike other winged creatures who signify purity and innocence, winged creatures draft to protect you are often menacing – like vultures – protecting human being who space their masters but menacing others.

Symbolism of wings in Dreams


8. A message from God

Many people who believe they have been contacted by God say the they he pertained to them in dreams. Regularly, it’s either God or an Angel who are claimed to pertained to you in their dreams and also hovers over her bed to give you a message. Interestingly, often the messenger does not speak.

Interestingly, there is no proof that angels in the holy bible had wings. Nonetheless, the a typical trope since they space thought to have actually flown down from heaven.

9. Aspiring Accomplishments

If friend dream the wings, you could see them together a signal of her aspirations because that achieving good accomplishments. If you had wings, friend would have the ability to get come those accomplishments faster. Or, to read it an additional way, you aspire to be so powerful that friend may as well have wings. The winged pet has that power that you really want in her life.

This is a good sign that you’re a person with inside drive and also aspirations.

10. Brand-new Directions

It can likewise be checked out that a winged pet is coming to girlfriend in your dreams to tell girlfriend it is time to shot a new direction in her life. The bird or point of view has pertained to you come tell you that there’s an possibility to take an additional path and also that this path could be a an excellent idea to follow. World who think this to it is in true could want to wake up and have a think around what avenues are encountering them best now and also take a great hard look at each one of them.

11. Look in ~ the large Picture

If you have wings in your dream and also you are flying up right into the sky and looking down at earth, the message may be that you should look at the huge picture. As soon as you have actually wings friend will be able to zoom out and also take share of her environment. There is no wings, you’re stuck to your low-down perspective that might not get the totality picture.

A dream of this sort might prompt girlfriend to wake up up and think around things indigenous a new perspective. Is over there something obvious that you’ve no thought around that might help you the end of a predicament? can you shot to think about the large picture or long-term case to make better decisions in the now?


Wings can symbolize numerous things, and also you regularly need come think around the context of the symbol to get a good grasp of what they mean to you. They deserve to mean innocence and also God’s message in some situations. However they may also have menacing meanings, such as if winged animals are circling above.

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But the most usual of all signs of wings are freedom and escape. This is particularly true as soon as you see animals flying off into the sunset.