There space a the majority of impressive Flying-type moves, and one of them is called Fly. This Flying-type relocate is exciting in a the majority of ways due to the fact that it can be used during battle and also outside of battle.

That being said, if you read ahead you’ll know more about Fly and the Pokemon that can learn fly as well.

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List that Pokemon That deserve to Learn Fly

Note: native Generations ns to by means of the fly (move) is HM02. In Sun​/​Moon and Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon, the paris (move) is TM76, while TM14 in Pokemon let’s Go, Pikachu!&Let’s Go, Eevee!‎

wdt_ID id Pokemon Learnset
1 373 Salamence (Ultra sun & Ultra Moon) By level up (Level 1)
2 384 Rayquaza (Sun & Ultra Moon) By level up (Level 65)
3 780 Drampa (Ultra sunlight & Ultra Moon) By level up (Level 45)
4 6 Charizard TM/HM
5 16 Pidgey TM/HM
6 17 Pidgeotto TM/HM
7 18 Pidgeot TM/HM
8 21 Spearow TM/HM
9 22 Fearow TM/HM
10 41 Zubat TM/HM

What is Fly?

Just together we stated, paris is a Flying-Type relocate that counts on taking care of physical damage. It costs 15 PP to use, has an assault power the 90, and has a 95% accuracy. The beautiful thing around using fly is that in the very first turn, the Pokemon will certainly fly off-screen.

During this phase, the Pokemon is can not to be targeted or hit by any kind of attack or debuff. However, that transforms later on, but we’ll get to the in a bit. In the following turn, the Pokemon that used Fly will land an strike on the enemy.

That is the primary result of Fly during a battle, yet it is also usable outside of battle. Using Fly will allow you come teleport or relocate to one more location on the map. The problem is that you should have currently reached the area prior.

You can’t Fly come an area the you haven’t been to before, and some areas can’t be accessed by Fly also if you have actually been there. Paris is taught making use of HM02, and in Generation VII, it is under TM76.


Where to find HM02/TM76?

Here are the areas for HM02 and also TM76 which contains Fly. Just remember that you can only usage Fly exterior of battle when you have actually the compelled Badge.


Generation I

Red/Blue/Yellow – path 16 (Head come the northwest area (Needs Cut) where there is a house and the girl will provide you the HM) – needs Thunder Badge

Generation II

Gold/Silver/Crystal – Cianwood City (Get it as a gift from Chuck’s wife exterior the Gym as soon as you gain the Storm Badge) – needs Storm Badge

Generation III

Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald – path 119 (Get that from your Rival after you beat them) – requires Feather BadgeFireRed/LeafGreen – very same as Generation i (Red/Blue/Yellow) – requires Thunder BadgeMystery Dungeon Red/Blue – Wyvern Hill 30F

Generation IV

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – Galactic Warehouse (It is merely to the right side near the entrance) – calls for Cobble BadgeHeartGold/SoulSilver – very same as Generation II (Gold/Silver/Crystal) requires Storm BadgeMystery Dungeon Explorers the Time/Darkness – Buy that from Shops in Destiny Tower and Final Maze because that 1 Poke

Generation V

Black/White – Driftveil City (Get that from Bianca after girlfriend beat her)Black2/White2 – course 5 (Get the from Bianca as soon as you go into the Route)

Generation VI

X/Y – Coumarine City (Head to the Seaside Station and also get it from Professor Sycamore) – calls for Plant PadgeOmega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – exact same as Generation III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) – calls for Feather BadgeSuper mystery Dungeon – Buy the from Kecleon Shops because that 1,322 PokeTM76

Only in Generation VII TM76 is Fly. In Generation IV it is Stealth Rock, and also in V and VI the is battle Bug.

Generation VII

Sun/Moon/Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon – Malie City Library (Answer a Sightseer’s series of concerns correctly)

Why Fly can be an excellent

Fly can be in the center of the road thing. That has great power with 90, but some moves are lot stronger. The only things it has actually going for it space that it has actually its semi-invulnerable state throughout the Fly’s an initial turn. Sent players have the right to dodge an effective attacks when they know how to usage Fly and avoid strong attacks.

The other advantageous thing about Fly is the you have the right to use it exterior of battle as a method of traveling. Plus the is an HM so friend can obtain it instantly in the game since you can’t continue without it.

Why Fly have the right to be poor

Fly has actually a semi-invulnerable state, however other moves deserve to hit it. This moves are Gust, Twister, Hurricane, sky Uppercut, Smack Down, Thunder, and Thousand Arrows. Paris is also not effective versus Rock and Steel due to it being a physical move by nature, and those species are resistant come it.

Fly likewise doesn’t have perfect accuracy for this reason it can miss and that way you’ll shed two turns in handle damage because you will fly offscreen first and let go your possibility to soil the attack.

In closeup of the door

Fly is a great and poor move in ~ the same time. You deserve to teach it come a Pokemon that has high attack with high speed so the you deserve to fly far on the very first turn and deal the appropriate amount that damage.

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Outside of fight would be its actual purpose, yet even climate you may just need one Pokemon to learn Fly, but you have the right to teach a the majority of them once you recognize the various Pokemon that deserve to learn fly.