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karl Lindner is the welcome committee representative because that the Claybourne Park combination in A Raisin in the sunlight . He is the only white human that has a speaking role in the play, and he is a stand-in for the quiet, polite racism that middle-class Chicago. Karl plays one essential...

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Karl Lindner is the welcoming committee representative for the Claybourne Park association in A Raisin in the Sun. He is the only white person that has a speaking function in the play, and he is a stand-in for the quiet, polite racism of middle-class Chicago. Karl plays an essential role in the play due to the fact that he is acting as a test because that the Younger family, particularly for Walter Lee.

Lindner’s surname is possibly symbolic for a few reasons. Very first is the Karl can be a reference to Hansberry"s father, that was a actual estate broker and also businessman—but the doesn’t seem come fit with his character. Instead, i think knife is a play off the pejorative ax “Mister Charlie” because Karl is a nickname because that Charles. This explanation because that his name makes more sense because Karl Lindner is providing them a deal that is informing them they space lesser, and “Mr. Charlie” was the name offered to describe a slave owner.

Hansberry allows on come the link between the surname Karl and “the man” as soon as Walter Lee calls the “Mistuh Charlie” in action three,

WALTER: (Breathing hard) do a call.

MAMA: come who, son?

WALTER: come The Man. (He heads because that his room)

MAMA: What man, baby?

WALTER: (Stops in the door) The Man, Mama. Nothing you recognize who The man is?

RUTH: Walter Lee?

WALTER: The Man. Prefer the males in the roadways say—The Man. Captain Boss—Mistuh Charley . . . Old Cap’n you re welcome Mr. Bossman . . .

BENEATHA: (Suddenly) Lindner!

WALTER: that’s right! it is good. Ns told him to come right over.

Walter describes Lindner together “the man”—a term for the idea the white people run the world. Lindner is a stand-in because that white society, v its money and also its capacity to dictate how things room run. He additionally clues us right into what the name karl represents as soon as he describes him as “Mistuh Charley”—a clear connection to the usage of the term during slavery. The Youngers live in Chicago, no in the south, and also the use of the inflection is a clear indication the he is connecting Lindner not simply to white power, however to slavery—as "Mister Charlie" was a nickname slaves used for their masters.

Mama renders the same connection when she speak Walter the making a address Lindner would set their family back further than slavery due to the fact that it way they are accepting that they are less than the white people. She says,

MAMA: Son—I come from five generations of human being who was slaves and also sharecroppers—but ain’t no one in my family members never permit nobody salary ’em no money that was a way of telling us us wasn’t fit come walk the earth. Us ain’t never ever been that poor. (Raising she eyes and also looking at him) us ain’t never ever been that—dead inside.

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The name knife is a clean indication that in spite of his outward demeanor, his Faustian deal would cost them much more than their house: the would cost them their dignity and their souls. To take his deal, to expropriate the money, would mean that they are acknowledging their innate worthlessness—something they didn"t also have to do as soon as they were in slavery. The clear link to slavery and the transaction Lindner provides is one indication that his name is regarded the ax "Mister Charlie". That seems to be the primary significance the the name knife Lindner.