A man said come the universe:“Sir, ns exist!”“However,” responded the universe,“The fact has not created in meA feeling of obligation.”


Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.Because your lover threw wild hands towards the skyAnd the affrighted steed ran ~ above alone,Do not weep.War is kind. Hoarse, booming drums of the regiment tiny souls who thirst for fight, These males were born come drill and die The unusual glory flies over them good is the battle-god, great, and also his kingdom-- A ar where a thousand corpses lie.Do not weep, babe, for war is kind.Because her father tumbled in the yellow trenches,Raged at his breast, gulped and also died,Do no weep.War is kind. Swift, blazing flag that the regiment Eagle through crest the red and also gold, These men were born come drill and die allude for them the virtue that slaughter Make plain to castle the excellence that killing and also a field where a thousand corpses lie.Mother whose heart hung humble together a buttonOn the bright splendid shroud of her son,Do not weep.War is kind.

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The influence of a dollar ~ above the heartSmiles warmth red lightSweeping from the hearth rosily upon the white table,With the hanging cool velvet shadowsMoving softly top top the door.The influence of a million dollarsIs a crash the flunkeysAnd yawning emblems the PersiaCheeked versus oak, France and also a sabre,The outcry that old beautyWhored by pimping merchantsTo submission prior to wine and also chatter.Silly affluent peasants rubber stamp the carpets the men,Dead men who dreamy fragrance and lightInto your woof, your lives;The rug that an ethical bearUnder the feet of a cryptic slaveWho speaks constantly of baubles,Forgetting state, multitude, work, and state,Champing and also mouthing the hats,Making ratful squeak of hats,Hats.

I witnessed a male pursuing the horizon;Round and round castle sped.I to be disturbed at this;I accosted the man."It is futile," ns said,"You have the right to never—""You lie," he cried,And ran on.

Stephen Crane


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