Two points - true love and true friendship space rare in this world. We see kids abandoning their parents when they need their help most.

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Two points — true love and also true friendship room rare in this world. Us see youngsters abandoning your parents when they require their aid most. In sorrow and misery also the closest relatives desert. Samuel butler said: “Friendship is like money, simpler made than kept”. In prosperity friends will follow you favor a shadow, however in an disadvantage situation, they will turn versus you. Guru Angad commented: “Friendship v a shallow mind, devotion come a man of wealth, is favor a line attracted on water”. Such friendship overcome quickly, is no permanent and is purposeless. Socrates said, “Do not make hurry in make friends, yet if you execute so, store it, preserve it it spins end”. Wise guys like Mahatma Vidur have actually repeatedly stated that a true friend is the who avoids his girlfriend straying from the ideal path, urges his friend to get associated in the service of the less privileged and also hapless; walk not expose friend’s keys to anyone.
A true girlfriend does no abandon his girlfriend in difficulties and in the moment of dire require he help him financially. A compassionate friend remains stable both in prosperity and also distress. A true friend stays cool and also patient even in odd instances like the sun which stays red both in ~ sunrise and sunset. Guru Nanak says: “True friends room those on meeting whom one has a vision the the beloved.”The sages, the divine teachers, who open up a gateway that our spirit to magnificent knowledge are the best and also permanent friends. Gita claims that man should find his very own reality and not transverse himself; because that he has his self as his just friend or together his only enemy. If a male does not make brand-new acquaintances together he advancements through life, the or she will certainly soon uncover himself or it s her alone. A person being have to keep his friendship in constant repair. Over there cannot be 2 opinions top top this the a faithful and true girlfriend is the medication of life. Vedas have actually attached great importance to friendship. A Yajurveda mantra (36.90) says: “Strong one, do me strong. May all beings look on me with the eye that friend. May I watch on every beings v the eye that the friend. May we look on one one more with the eye of friend.” together noble thoughts can make this people a peaceful place to live in. An old irish prayer says: “Take time to it is in friendly, that is the road to happiness. Take it time to look around, the day is too short to it is in selfish”.

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