“Cognitive psychology tells united state that the unaided person mind is fragile to numerous fallacies and also illusions because of its reliance on its storage for lively anecdotes quite than systematic statistics.” – Steven Pinker

It is gaining close come camp time, which method coaches obtain out their stopwatches and also time 40s. I am always amazed at what i hear. High school athletes strut around and also claim 4.4s or 4.5s prefer they are an day-to-day occurrence. But these are 15- and also 16-year-old adolescents. More often 보다 not— in truth almost all of the time—the math doesn’t it seems to be ~ to include up.

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The athlete with a 24-inch vertical jump doesn’t operation a 4.4. A 55m sprinter who runs a 6.9 FAT doesn’t run a 4.4. An 11.5 100m dash does not equate to a 4.4. It is mathematically difficult for one athlete to run that time and still gain a 4.4. Yet that is what i hear. Ns think that track is recording on with college recruiters because it is easy to watch who important is fast. Timers nothing lie. Digital timers carry out facts. A 4.4 is a statistic or various other things according to note Twain, that ran 4.47 in Clinton, Iowa, in 1871. A 4.4 is an illusion for most. So let’s look at this miracle number more closely.

How the 40 is being timed is the very first question that needs to be asked. The just measure that makes sense come me is a true electronic-to-electronic timer. Athletes start the clock as soon as their hand comes turn off a touchpad, and stopit once their bodies break an electronic obstacle of part sort. That is the many exact an approach I can think that (such together Freelap timers).

Even the NFL incorporate is slightly off. Scouts sitting near the finish line manually start each player. To my knowledge, over there is no study on the time difference in between purely electronic and combine style. In track, the conversion between FAT and also handheld in a 55mm dash is .24 seconds. From that point, it is the Wild West.

Two various papers in the Journal the Strength and Conditioning found that hand timing is considerably faster than digital timing. In both papers, the researchers claim that the handheld timers to be experienced. I am guessing that means they practice with electronic timers to see just how close they obtain to its results. In the 2010 paper, the differences in between the timers ranged indigenous .14 to .19. The an outcome was a difference between .22 and also .31 between pure electronic and hand-held (personally, I variety from .24 come .3 through the Freelap). The is a substantial difference in a human being that lives in the hundredths. Now, throw in high institution coaches making use of their thumbs to avoid the clock or your cell phones, and also numbers have the right to be crazy and incredibly inaccurate. And also how plenty of of those coaches have actually not timed a 40 because the previous summer? I deserve to see 4.4 in this scenario.

The following variables are shoes and also surfaces. There are substantial differences in time as soon as these space added. When we run fly 10s, the selection when athletes wear spikes or flats is from .03 come .06. My quicker runners have bigger differences. Large that out 20 more yards and also those hundredths start to include up. This does not take right into account the start, as soon as athletes require the many traction. I have no numbers because that this because everyone constantly seems to remember to bring spikes on begin days.

Surfaces make a huge difference too. A hot, hard track is constantly faster 보다 poorly groomed turf, a basketball court, or the parking lot. Training pair of shoes don’t execute so fine on a basketball floor.

What brings me come this rant is the fact that most high school athletes think they need to be running incredible times. However their numbers don’t complement reality. I have actually an NFL player who plays slot, gunner, and anti-gunner. He has actually run 4.47 and also 4.48 for 3 NFL teams. His existing team told him that he is their 3rd fastest. The ran 40s on one old monitor in 4.71 ~ above the Freelap. (His Nike Frees are about the worst shoes you can run in. They reminder your foot forward and also cause your forefoot to jam into the ground, hence coming to be a brake.) in ~ the very same time, same practice, my best sprinter (10.83 FAT) ran a 4.51 40 in spikes. Is one quicker than the other? They are close, but on this day, with different shoes, they to be different.

Now the dose of reality. These room positional averages because that NFL combines from 2007 come 2012, thanks to Wikipedia. Remember, gift the finest in each position usually has actually some correlation through speed.

Table 1. Positional averages for NFL combine from 2007 come 2012. Resource Wikipedia.
place Time
broad receiver 4.55
Cornerback 4.55
Running ago 4.59
security 4.62
outside Linebacker 4.74
Tight end 4.77
Fullback 4.80
inside Linebacker 4.80
Quarterback 4.87
protective End 4.88
defensive Tackle 5.13
Offensive facility 5.30
attack Tackle 5.32
offensive Guard 5.36

These are hand-started, beam-finished averages. That way for each WR that runs a 4.4, one more runs a 4.7. And also your fastest males rarely weigh much more than 190 pounds. So, if you’re a running back or wide receiver v a 4.4, welcome to the top of the class!

What are some good markers because that HS athletes? My base workout street is 10m. I like meters due to the fact that athletes focus too lot on trying to convert to a 40 time fairly than top top finding top speed. Noþeles under 1.0 in the fly 10 is really great for a high school athlete. My ideal HS athlete’s time to be .95. If they space slightly over 1.0, they deserve to still operation a 4.4/4.5. The start is a vast component. In fact, many NFL 4.4s have an excellent starts however never wake up for top-end speed. Your sub-4.4s are the people who have the right to transfer from acceleration to top-end speed.

Our starts are in yards. Guys who end up to run decent times can go under 3 secs electronically in the 20yd and 4 seconds in the 30yd. Those room realistic clues for good high college athletes. Any type of high school athlete under 5.0 in a 40 electronic is fast.

Now, this is all just relevant if you space truly interested in seeing your players acquire faster and also checking if your routine is make athletes faster. You don’t need to share this times with the university recruiters. Allow them figure it out on their own, or subtract 0.3 indigenous their best Freelap 40.

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Chris Korfist has actually been a high institution coach in track and football for practically 30 years, with more than 80 All-State athletes. He has also been a strength coach in ~ the college and also high school levels, working with many sports. Korfist owns a private facility referred to as Slow guy Speed institution that helps build athletes ranging from world Champion to center school. He has consulted with experienced sports teams almost everywhere the world, consisting of the NFL, MLB, NBA, and Rugby League.

Korfist has actually published research study on sprint training and also is one advisor for Auckland university of Technology’s SPRINZ. Additionally, he co-owns track Football Consortium (
TFConsortium), is co-founder that Reflexive performance Reset, and also has debated training in numerous blogs and also podcasts.

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Bryan Mann

March 19, 2017 in ~ 7:30 pm

Phil Campbell

January 2, 2020 in ~ 4:44 pm

Good article. Great standards. I’ve had actually 18,000 athletes because that a two-day speed technique camp over the last 30 years focusing on the 20. I’ve probably had 250 who have told me castle ran a 4.3, 4.4. I’ve seen roughly 10 legitimate 4.3s in 30 years. I’ve only seen 2 under 4.3, and also I have to see it two and also three times prior to I believe it, Ricardo Lockette and Jabari Geer. Edelman to be close.I like the standards, however there space two kinds of QBs today. Pocket passing 5.0 guys and also running QBs 4.6 to 4.8. Peyton Manning or Tom Brady would never pass the 4.8 test and may struggle for a 5.2, yet these two did pretty well in the NFL.