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Camshaft Sprocket-to-Camshaft Bolts 21 ft. Lbs.

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Camshaft Thrust bowl Bolts 105 customs lbs.
Crankshaft Damper Bolt 70 ft. Lbs.
Cylinder Head Bolts (Fig. 1) 65 ft. Lbs.
Engine Mount-to-Engine Bolts 35 ft. Lbs.
Engine Mount-to-Frame Bolts 52 ft. Lbs.
Engine Mount v Bolts 61 ft. Lbs.
Nuts 52 ft. Lbs.
Exhaust Manifold Bolts Non Turbo Engine All Bolts (Except center 2 bolts) 20 ft. Lbs.
Center 2 Bolts 26 ft. Lbs.
Turbo Engine (All Bolts) 33 ft. Lbs.
Flywheel Bolts 75 ft. Lbs.
Intake Manifold Bolts Intake Manifold/Lower Manifold (As applicable VIN Z & W) 35 ft. Lbs.
Upper intake Manifold Turbo (VIN Z) 18 ft. Lbs.
CMFI (VIN W) 124 customs lbs.
Knock Sensor 14 ft. Lbs.
Main Bearing cap Bolts (Inthree steps) 80 ft. Lbs.
Oil Pan Bolts 100 customs lbs.
Nuts at Corners 17 ft. Lbs.
Oil Pump Bolts 65 ft. Lbs.
Oxygen Sensor 30 ft. Lbs.
Rocker Arm (With confident stop shoulders only) 20 ft. Lbs.
Rocker arm Cover 89-90 inch lbs.
Rod Bearing Nuts 1988-90 45 ft. Lbs.
1991-93 20 ft. Lbs. *
Starter 30-33 ft. Lbs.
Thermostat Outlet-to-Engine Bolts VIN Z 21 ft. Lbs.
VIN W 14 ft. Lbs.
Throttle Body-to-Intake Manifold Bolts (Model 220 TBI) 12 ft. Lbs.
Turbo Charger Mounting Nuts 33 ft. Lbs.

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Water Pump 30 ft. Lbs.

* torque nuts to 20 ft. Lbs. Climate tighten second 70 degrees

Fig. 1 Cylinder head talk sequence-4.3L


Fig. 2 intake manifold torque sequence-4.3L (VIN Z) accelerator body fuel injection


Fig. 3 reduced intake manifold torque sequence-4.3L MFI


Fig. 4 top Intake manifold speak sequence-4.3L MFI


Fig. 5 Timing mark alignment-4.3L


Fig. 6 shoot order and also cylinder arrangement-4.3L

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