It's -13. X and also / take priority end + and -, for this reason you can write it together 3-(3x6)+2, which is 3-18+2, for this reason -13. Wolframalpha confirms the too

Also, left->right is done instead of right->left. After multiplication is done, you are left with 3-18+2, if you did that right->left friend would have actually 3-20, vice versa, left->right offers us (-15)+2, i beg your pardon is correct.

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I've checked out some human being on Facebook insurance claim the price is 17. Just how are they getting that? I have the right to understand the answer being -13, 0, or 2.

The civilization on Facebook are wrong and don't understand order the operations. -13 is the just correct answer.

They're performing PEMDAS in strictly that order (i.e. Enhancement before subtraction) rather of (P) (E) (MD) (AS) together it have to be, where addition and subtraction occur left-to-right in the exact same phase.

So they very first perform the multiplication, offering 3 - 18 + 2, then they perform the addition, providing 3 - 20, climate the individually to acquire -17. I doubt that -17 is the price that's much more common, although some might drop the an unfavorable sign and also report the even-more-wrong 17.

They are gaining 17 by act it prefer this. They include 18 and 2 acquiring 20. Then, subtracting 20 indigenous 3 leading to -17, which i am suspect is what girlfriend meant. I beg your pardon is incorrect. Edit: words

The answer is -13.

This inquiry is basically asking "do you understand order that operations." The an initial wrong means of doing this question would be to ignore order of operations and also just job-related it left to right, providing 3-3x6+2 = 0x6+2 = 0+2 = 2. This is wrong.

The second wrong way of doing this is to take it the well-known PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) as literally that order, so they execute multiplication, climate addition, climate subtraction, providing 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = 3-20 = -17. This is additionally wrong.

The correct method to perform this is to keep in mind that in PEMDAS multiplication and department are the same priority as each other, together are enhancement and subtraction. As soon as you have actually multiple operators through the same priority you execute them left come right, therefore 3-3x6+2 = 3-18+2 = -15+2 = -13. This is correct.

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There space other much more random mistakes that might be made, however those are the most common.

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Very good explanation!