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I have an 02 grand Caravan EX with 3.8L engine, 47,000 miles. Now the light came on and has continued to be on through 3-4 starts and stops. Irradiate is solid no blinking. Automobile seems to be running together normal.Tried to gain the code to display screen using by pushing in the pilgrimage reset while transforming the ingnition from off to on several times. Gained the following.5oF 4.1 climate something around E Code finishing with E 400.1Nothing in there v a P. Additionally should note that the "0" in between 5 and F actually looks prefer a small square.Any principles would be appreciated.Jim

You appeared to have actually run a diagnostic for instrument cluster. Shot the following:Place the vital into the ignition. Push and hold the both the "Trip" and also the "Reset" buttons with the left hand and also turn the vital to the "ACC" place (first position between "LOCK" and "RUN"). Proceed to hold both buttons in and count come 5. Relax both buttons, display should read trip mileage rather of full mileage. Press the "TRIP" button and the odometer will display screen codes.Good Luck.
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You appeared to have run a diagnostic for instrument cluster. Try the following:Place the key into the ignition. Push and also hold the both the "Trip" and the "Reset" buttons with the left hand and turn the crucial to the "ACC" position (first position in between "LOCK" and also "RUN"). Continue to host both buttons in and count come 5. Release both buttons, display screen should read pilgrimage mileage instead of full mileage. Push the "TRIP" button and also the odometer will display codes.Good Luck.
Tried this sort of and got nothing. Through my ignition going indigenous the place closest towards you to the one furthest very first position is ACC, next is lock, next powers ~ above the odometer and shift display, following turns top top the instrument cluster displays and last beginning the car.

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Hmmm. Top top mine i go ignition offignition onignition offignition onmaybe once much more if naught happens.......this thread has a attach to a fault code list that"s useful once you gain the code.
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Yup... An essential on/off 3 times. Leave it in the on place & focus your attention to the light present on the odometer

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I didn"t realize the running the ignition on/off still shown codes ~ above Gen 4 Vans. (I have actually a 2000).JEC: shot my tip again, however the ACC position is the an initial one when transforming the vital clockwise
native lock. The one you mention "powers ~ above the odometer and shift display"
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First and also Foremost
Make certain your gas cap is tight. This is frequently the number one factor for inspect engine irradiate to come on out of the blue with no noticable performance issues.Mike
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