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Trying to appropriately align camshaft chain, utilizing the attached diagramI have actually cranckshaft at TDC (Top Dead Center) and also exhaust camshaft (left ~ above diagram) at the mark (hole top top belt sheave lines up through red dot behind)However, top top the exhaust camshaft (left on diagram), there is a line cut into the CWT box on the top.....but top top the back side on the chain sprocket (shaft side) over there is a half-circle reduced out ~ above the sprocket just listed below teeths.On the entry camshaft sprocket (right top top the diagram) , there is a triangle mark (as top top the diagram) , but on the earlier side (shaft next ) over there is an additional triangle mark ( 10 teeths away)It seems choose Kia/ try to confuse any type of DIYs!Which marks space correct to use ?
I would certainly go with your instinct and not the picture. Generally diagrams prefer these are an ext universal, and also you will certainly find small changes here and also there. If you got to her crackshaft, friend have enough skill to usage your judgement over that type of chart discrepancy.

I simply did a valve job on my son"s 2008 Hyundai interval 1.6L (same together the RIO"s)... The CVT top top the entry cam and the exhaust cam have markings ~ above the various other side (inside the engine) and also if you reverse the image you have (look in ~ the other side of both cams) friend will check out them... Additionally look in ~ the very first two electronic came lobes moving away indigenous the chain...They suggest at each other --> Dave
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Camshaft chain position
half of the cylinder head bolts (on the exhaust side) are placed in a an extremely bad location.....underneath the exhaust camshaft requirements to be eliminated to get to them.....this creates a opportunity to make a mistake when aligning the chainJust wondering, is this Kia/Hyundai "special" design, or others develop engines prefer this ?Diagram turned out to be entirely useless because of confusing clues on both side of sprockets.At the finish I just used a usual sense approach:Put Cyl1 come TDC (hole ~ above exhaust camshaft inside wall up through red dot, climate made Cyl1 intake and exhaust rocker arm"s lobes come same elevation (by measuring the distance from the reminder of lobes to rocker arm holder. The feather tensioner likewise a "special" device.....spring inside, and oil flows through some little holes.... The acts as cylinder through some delaysThe top component holds the chain in ~ a addressed distance, the bottom component applies tension.Broken spring = poor quality feather !My trouble started v a broken woodruff (retainer clip) ~ above the crankshaft"s, keeping timing belt wheel in position......resulted bend valves !Thank friend for every the replies!