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If you have EVIC, evidently you can do it there, I don"t know since I don"t have it. You can go buy an OBII reader, there are even some fancy ones that are bluetooth and connect to an app on your phone. Also a lot of auto parts stores will check your codes for free.BUT if you want to do it yourself, for free, put your key in the ignition and turn it from ACC to ON rapidly 3 times. ACC-ON-ACC-ON-ACC-ON.If there is still a current error code(s) it will display where your milage/trip/temp displays. If the code that is causing your check engine light to come on is no longer current the display will show "-----------" and the check engine light will turn off.
doesn"t work..mine displayed the "---------" and then said "done" but check engine light is still on


hum i"ll look around some more, I found that on another forum while trying to look up the codes my scangage was showing. I did it and the light turned off so I took that to mean what I read was correct.
This is the same as the PT cruiser ......outlowed try disconnecting your battery for 30 mins and try the key dance again
i wasn"t able to do this either, my girlfriends 08 displayed the "---------" and then said "done" also. The CEL is still on.

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Yes, I have a 2008 RT, and did the Key today. However, my code displayed showed P0308, which means cylinder 8 is misfiring.... (I have a 6 cyl).
Sorry, misread (eyes are getting old)...:kap:Mine read P0304, which is a cylinder 4 misfire. Headed to shop tomorrow. Plugs are difficult to replace on back side of block. :smiledown:
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