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I have actually only owned my city & country for less than a week now and am law the regular maintenances. As soon as I to be at Walmart Fram proved this van can or could not have an interior cabin filter. Whereby is this filter? A girlfriend implied the it is on the left top side that the passenger floor area hosted in with a plastic door. Is this right? any tricks to removing or installing this filter?
He is correct. It is under the glovebox. There is a door the is gotten rid of from the bottom the the AC evaporator housing. Kneel next to the passenger next footwell and look increase under the dash. Slide the locking latch end to unlatch the door. Traction the door off and then girlfriend will have the ability to see the finish of the filter. The filter is draft to bending in fifty percent so it have the right to be removed. Download the brand-new one and also reattach the door and also that"s it.

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If equipped on your vehicle, The climate manage system filters out dust, pollen and some odors native the air. Solid odors can not be completely filtered out.The filter access door is situated under the instrument panel on the passenger side. To change the filter on slide the lock toward the rear of the vehicle (unlock position).Remove the accessibility door and pull the filter downward. Once installing a brand-new filter, ensure its suitable orientation. Align the black arrow on the bottom that the filter framework with the direction of air flow (away indigenous the blower motor and also towards the facility of the car).
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Thanks for posting this thread. I just bought a instead of filter because that my van and was walking to readjust it this weekend when I carry out the brakes. That youtube video really help
I crawled under the passenger next dash and also there is no door because that a cabin filter. Ns guess mine 2005 T&C minimal with rear air does not have actually this feature.

It can be added if you wish, ns did my 03"s not hard, just aquard to obtain at through a rotary tool and a light..Just have to discover a method to short article the pics here...not my forte..hands on, not also "puter professional..

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I checked my caravan this morning, no door for a cabin filter there either.Care to write-up the procedure for adding a cabin wait filter to a non-equipped van?
After part digging approximately I think I uncovered it: seems that people are having concerns getting this filters come seal up ideal when added to non-equipped vans. Looking at the photos in there i think you can easily fall the blower motor and check ~ above the fitment v that feet if that is a problem. I"ll check on mine after ~ I perform the conversion. Hope I"ll have actually time to get to the after the brakes this weekend and post back.