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What is the existing recommended oil capacity, v an oil filter change, for a 3.5L engine in a Pontiac G6 GT? mine owner’s hand-operated says 4.0 quarts. GM’s online hand-operated says 4.0 quarts. However the GM dealer put in at the very least 4.5 quarts. The oil level top top my engine’s dipstick is over the complete mark and also into the twisted / spiral area the the dipstick. The GM dealership called me there to be a revision to the 4.0 quart specification. Has actually anyone heard the a brand-new oil volume spec. Because that the 3.5L engine? give thanks to you.

Hello. Brand-new member here and also brand-new G6 owner the a 09 sedan 3.5L through 41,000 miles on it. Just obtained it critical Thursday. Our hands-on says 4 quarts. Perhaps its 4 1/2 with filter adjust have yet to perform oil readjust as its really clean. Ns would never overfill and also you could want to drain some out.First timers owning a 3.5. We had 3.1 in the old cool Am that us owned for 13 years and have the 3.8 in our 04 grand Prix and also we have had that one for 7 years.
I believe the owner"s manual is wrong. My dealer constantly overfill it 1/2 customs to 1 inch above the "full" mark on the dipstick. When new it also came overfilled indigenous the factory and passed the dealer"s pre-delivery inspection.

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Guess i arrangement on filling past the full mark as soon as i execute that 1st change. As soon as you think about it why would certainly a 3.5 have a lower capacity oil sump than any type of other v6?
Guess i setup on filling previous the full mark as soon as i carry out that first change. As soon as you think around it why would a 3.5 have a reduced capacity oil sump than any other v6?
Just because its a V-6 doesn"t typical that you have actually the same oil capacity, maby they put a smaller sized or larger oil pan top top your car than the following ? an I-6 Cummins has actually 6 cylinders but multiple the the amount of oil her 6 cylinder would certainly need.... ? and my G6 is going to be gaining 4qts from now on due to the fact that I"m going with placement on the dip rod till in find out other different, the last time I changed the oil in it and put 4.5qts it placed it well over wherein it necessary to be.
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