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What frame filter fits the VTX 1300?The local dealer is the end of Honda Filters and I want to execute my oil adjust tomorrow vs wait a week. Local Wally world did not have actually the VTX 1300 on its" charts.I choose up the Rotella T 6 as usual and want to execute this as component of normal spring tune up.Thanks,Doug
Here ya go.... :thumbup:Motorcycle specific filters;AC Delco PF2135AMSOIL EaOM-103FRAM PH6017AHonda OEM #15410-MCJ-003K&N KN-204NAPA gold 1358Purolator Motorcycle ML16817STP 07WIX 51358Car filters around 2.5 inch tall;AC Delco PF1237Bosch 3300Mobil M1-108NAPA yellow 1365Purolator L14622Purolator Pure One PL14622STP S-02876WalMart SuperTech ST6607Car filters around 3.25inches tall;AC Delco PF-2057Bosch 3323Castrol 7317FRAM 7317Mobil 1 M1-110Motorcraft long Life FL-821NAPA yellow 1356Purolator L14620Purolator Pure One PL14620WIX 51356
Sweet, many thanks for the list. It seems every season ns misplace this and have come go searching for it.Just as quick note - Purolator does no recommend making use of their PureONE line for motorcycles (see below )"What about PureONEIf you"re thinking you desire to install a PureONE oil filter on her bike, please think again. PureONE oil filters are designed for vehicles, no bikes. Because of PureONE"s high efficiency, the motorcycle oil pump may not be able to handle the pressure. The Purolator motorcycle filter heat is designed to meet the specific needs that a bike; as such we very recommend the use of a Purolator ML filter over a PureONE oil filter."
Silver "06 VTX 1300R - Aeromach risers, Roadhouse Dooleys, SPyKER box, BadX seat, Kury grips, more to come...



I provided to it is in a fram man as well, year ago. Currently not for this reason much. your XYou will need to decide.Wally civilization has the purolator and Maybe others, local Napa will have a Wix
2005 VTX-1300R PAIR done, Stock fury Pipes, Decapped Airbox, k&n Filter, #210 key Jet, #58 Pilot Scar Mod through 1 shims, AF

What frame filter fits the VTX 1300?The local dealer is the end of Honda Filters and also I desire to execute my oil change tomorrow vs waiting a week. Local Wally world did not have the VTX 1300 on its" charts.I picked up the Rotella T 6 together usual and want to do this as component of typical spring tune up.Thanks,Doug
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I"ve been utilizing the Amsoil filter and have one on it now, however dang
those things are expensive.It makes me wonder what"s in them.I"ve heard the media is silk indigenous the female Mongolian masked Sniper Spider that deserve to only be found at elevations above 20,000 ft on the North confront of Mt. Everest and produces only 1 oz of silk every year ~ above the 3rd day after she yearly ovulation cycle and also only then if the sun is bright on that day into her lair at a 37 level angle and also the wind is blowing native the south East.But ns haven"t had any kind of oil associated failures!
Thanks for the info, yet found out as soon as I saw NAPA to choose one increase the NAPA number is wrong. I asked the male to dual check the component just in case and their records show a VTX 1300 take away NAPA yellow 1365.

See more: How Many Chromosomes Do Ants Have, Ant Chromosomes 19 Micron FIL 1365Flow price : 7 - 9 gpmGasket I.D. (Inches) : 2.173"Gasket I.D. (mm) : 55.19 mmMedia form : CelluloseOil Filter Gasket O.D. (Inches) : 2.475"Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (mm) : 62.87 mmOil Filter elevation (Inches) : 2.577"Oil Filter elevation (mm) : 65.46 mmOil Filter O.D. (Inches) : 2.685"Oil Filter O.D. (mm) : 68.2 mmOil Filter layout : Spin-On Lube FilterOil Filter Thread size (mm) : 20 x 1.50 mm----------------------------------------------------------- 14 Micron FIL 1358 filters out smaller sized debrisFlow rate : 7 - 9 gpmGasket I.D. (Inches) : 2.23"Gasket I.D. (mm) : 56.64 mmMedia kind : CelluloseOil Filter Gasket O.D. (Inches) : 2.42"Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (mm) : 61.47 mmOil Filter height (Inches) : 2.782"Oil Filter height (mm) : 70.66 mmOil Filter O.D. (Inches) : 2.685"Oil Filter O.D. (mm) : 68.2 mmOil Filter format : Spin-On Lube FilterOil Filter Thread dimension (mm) : 20 x 1.50 mm--------------------------------------1358 listed as the motorcycle filter in the link, also sold together PS 1358 in the Powersports catalog. 1365 = auto filter. Both exact same size and also thread.I execute not choose the huge arse bypass unit, the is why ns did not usage them when I functioned at NAPA. I use Purolator--plenty filter media. Pix below...
2005 1300c Red, Mustang seat, HK 2.5 straights. Leds because that safety-front & back. 204,206 VTX miles.
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