Change the oil in your "95-"01 Honda CRV to enhance engine performance and longevity.

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It is generally recommended the you change your vehicle"s oil every 3,000 miles. However, this number can vary depending on your operation conditions, age of her vehicle, number of miles on your engine and also your driving habits. Usage of artificial oils can assist reduce engine wear and also are advisable for older engines or if your typical driving entails extended durations of stop and go traffic.


Place the jack under the lifting suggest and advanced the front of the car until you can fit under it.

Slowly reduced the jack until the jack was standing is supporting the car and the jack isn"t. Eliminate the jack.

Many hydraulic jacks are lowered by place the open end of the take care of over a knob and transforming it counter-clockwise. Consult your owners hands-on for her jack if girlfriend don"t know how to lower it.

It is helpful, however not necessary, to jack increase both political parties of the car. Since the oil drainpipe plug is on the driver"s next of the car, lifting simply the driver"s side must be sufficient.

Always wear safety gloves and also eyewear as soon as working v motor oil. Be careful if your car has been running newly as the engine, transmission and also exhaust might be very hot. Store rags or towels nearby to wipe up any kind of spills.

Use a 17 mm socket, or box finish wrench, to ease the oil drain plug by transforming it counter-clockwise until you have the right to turn the by hand.

Once the draining oil has actually slowed come a drip, change the oil drain plug and wipe increase the area about the plug.

Screw in the oil drain plug by hand, turning it clockwise as far as possible. Complete tightening the drain plug by utilizing a 17 mm socket or box end wrench.

Locate the oil filter. The is top top the back side the the engine, near the engine"s center line and nearby to the behind engine brace.

To reach the oil filter, overview your hand roughly the ago side the the journey axle and also up towards the top of the engine.

Be mindful if the engine has been to run recently. The engine and exhaust components may be an extremely hot.

Twist the oil filter counter-clockwise with your hand until it comes off the object on the engine block.

If the filter is too tight to loosen by hand, use an oil filter wrench. A wrench the fits end the top of the oil filter is necessary, as there is very little space top top the sides of the oil filter.

Lower the oil filter the end of the engine bay v the threads dealing with up, then place it in the oil drainpipe pan v the threads facing down.

Guide the new filter ago up and also around the journey shaft, being mindful not to get dirt or debris top top the seal that the oil filter.

Place the threaded end of the oil filter onto the engine"s oil filter threads and turn the filter clockwise through hand until it is snug. Tightening the filter need to require a moderate amount of her strength, but not all of it.

If the filter is difficult to rotate at the beginning of the threads, stop! You may be cross threading the oil filter. Re-align the oil filter and shot again.

Do not over-tighten your oil filter by making use of a wrench. Doing for this reason may reason the oil filter seal to leak and will do removing the oil filter very challenging in the future.

Locate the hood relax lever. That is below the left next of the driver console, just under the trunk relax lever.

Go to the former of the car and also locate the hood release latch. That is under the hood and also slightly in the direction of the passenger side of the car.

Pour 4 quarts that 5W-30 oil right into the funnel. Use one hand come stabilize the funnel as you pour the oil to help prevent spills.

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Consult your owner"s manual if friend think her operating problems call because that a various oil viscosity.