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I just picked up my new Focus tonight, and was pleased to see that the 6CD/MP3 radio, also has an Aux function/button. But, the manual makes no mention of where the connector might be. I"d like to connect my iPod to the Aux input. Any idea where it"s at? Will I need some sort of harness adapter? Thanks!Mark

you"d probably have to look in the back, but i"m sure youll need a special, i just restated what didhefocus said..congrats on your new focus! I"m sure you"ll love her just as much as your older one. i crashed mine on sunday, so i might be in your shoes soon.ill try to do some research on the aux for u, ill post back if i find anything.
Thanks to both of you. I suspected as much, which is really a shame. A front mounted stereo mini jack would have been so nice. gatmog, sorry to hear of your accident in yours. Hope you walked away un-injured. I was motivated to "upgrade" only because I went so "bare bones" on the "03 (circumstances at the time were such that I had no choice). Anyway, I was happy to be able to find a ZX3 w/5 speed that was nicely loaded. I"d like to spend all day today driving it, but alas, there"s this thing called "work".
Thanks again.Mark
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Thanks gitar111. Looks to be a good solution, although I"m wondering what the intention of the manufacturer of the radio had thought. Is there a set of wires/connector on the existing harness that"s just hanging there? In other words, I"m not sure I understand the need for any active electronics. But, so far, what you posted seems to be exactly what I"m looking for. Thanks again.Mark
Logjam"s prices seem kinda high, is it worth $90 for an aux input? I don"t think so. You could get a better aftermarket radio with a built-in aux connector for that price, or just a little more!

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there is a plug on the back of the radio. The aux adapter plugs into the radio. on the other side of the adapter there is two line inputs, one for right and one for left channel. You will have to connect power and ground. The insturctions that come with the unit are very good. I installed my very quickly. Just as a side note make sure to disconnect the battery when you install the unit, your radio will need to reset to read that there is an adapter installed.The radio is used in many other Fords. Ford uses this for the dvd player audio inputs.The price may go down sometime, but if you don"t want to put in a new radio it works great.Here is a link that will give you somemore info: Clicky Also try searching for "2005 Aux", and/or "2005 Ipod install". The radio should be the same in the 2006 as is in the 2005.