Your Ford F-150 has actually many innovative electronic equipment such together instrumentation, auto stability control, engine monitoring system, and also an anti-theft system. We don’t generally think the these crucial components unless something goes wrong. One of the systems many taken because that granted is the anti-theft system. Here, we’ll take a look at what the anti-theft system does and how to reset it as soon as it go wrong.

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How your Anti-Theft mechanism Works

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The Ford F-150 is equipped through a passive anti-theft device (PATS) which is one alarm and also engine immobilization system. It’s draft to help stop her truck from being stolen by staying clear of the engine from starting unless a correctly coded integrated keyhead transmitter is used. The keys are likewise known as transponder or chip keys.

Your truck comes v two transponder secrets that are electronically programmed to her engine monitoring system. If you shot to begin your car with any other key, the device won’t identify it and the engine won’t start. However, you deserve to buy extr keys and easily regimen them yourself.

When PATS is activated, an anti-theft indicator light will certainly flash every 2 secs to display that the mechanism is functioning and also to act together a theft deterrent. Once you revolve the ignition come the ~ above position, the light will glow for three seconds and then go out. If the light stays on or flashes rapidly, it’s an indication the a problem.

Problems with the Anti-Theft System

Occasionally, you deserve to experience problems with PATS which reason the alarm to walk off and also prevent you from beginning your truck. Sometimes, a loud bang such as a firework or thunderclap can collection off the alarm. Also somebody accidentally bumping right into your truck can trigger the system.

If the battery in her transponder crucial is obtaining low, the alarm have the right to start to go off randomly. If the happens, shot using her spare coded key. If the trouble stops, you recognize that you need to replace the battery in her primary an essential fob.

You need to avoid carrying large metal objects, electronic devices, or a 2nd coded crucial on the very same keyring together your main key as lock can cause issues when starting your truck. Be sure not to enable these varieties of items to touch the programmed vital while you start your engine. While lock won’t damage the coded transponder, lock could cause a temporary issue. If you have a problem, rotate off the ignition, remove all item on your keyring far from the programmed an essential and try starting the engine again.

Quick remedies to a False Alarm

Fortunately, if you experience a false alert or friend can’t begin your truck, you have actually several options for resetting the system. The very first and most basic thing to shot is pushing the alarm switch on your key fob which have to deactivate the alarm and also reset the system. If that doesn’t work, the anti-theft system might have been prompted for a various reason.

The following thing girlfriend should check is the door lock cylinder to make sure it isn’t damaged. The cylinder is top top the within of the door wherein it latches come the body of the car. If the looks damaged or isn’t latching properly, climate that can be the reason of the alarm gift triggered since the anti-theft system might think who is trying come pry the door open.

Additionally, examine under the door manage where who might try to force a screwdriver v to open up the locked door. If this area is damaged, it can be resulting in the alarm to walk off. If the door lock cylinder or door handle looks damaged, contact your Ford dealer to have actually them replaced.

Check the you space using the right key. It could sound obvious, yet when you’re in a hurry, it’s easier than you could think to pick up the wrong crucial and the will trigger your truck’s anti-theft system. This is because the automobile will think you are trying to use a fake key.

Programming Or Resetting Keys

If you need much more transponder keys, you deserve to program them to your auto yourself. This an approach will name: coordinates the coding the both the engine immobilizer and also the remote entry mechanism with your an essential and your vehicle.

To program a brand-new transponder key, friend will need both of the initially programmed keys and the new uncoded vital on hand. If girlfriend don’t have two original coded keys, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to your neighborhood Ford business center to have actually the new key coded. To regime the key, follow this steps:

To start, put the an initial previously coded crucial into the ignition. Rotate the ignition come the ~ above position and also keep it there because that at least three seconds and also no longer than 10 seconds.Turn the ignition to the turn off position and remove the key. After 3 seconds and before 10 seconds, put the 2nd previously coded crucial into the ignition and also repeat the very first procedure.Turn the ignition come the turn off position and also remove the 2nd coded key from the ignition. After three seconds and also before 20 seconds, insert the brand-new uncoded key into the ignition.Turn the ignition come the on position and also keep that on for at the very least 6 seconds. Remove the freshly coded vital from the ignition.

When the key has been properly programmed that will begin your truck’s engine and also will run the far entry system. The anti-theft indicator will certainly light up for three seconds and also then go off come signal effective programming.

If the programming wasn’t successful, the anti-theft indicator light can flash rapidly and also the key won’t start your van or run the remote entry system. After ~ 20 seconds, you have the right to repeat the procedure, yet if it doesn’t work, lug your car to your Ford dealer to have actually the new an essential programmed.

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You deserve to be confident that you deserve to drive her Ford F-150 without any type of problems occurring. However, in the unlikely event that you have a fault through your anti-theft system, you have the right to rely top top our experienced technicians in ~ Wendle Ford to remedy the problem. Contact us now for every one of your servicing demands or getting yourself a brand-new car.