You can uncover 9 different owner"s manuals for the Ford explorer Sport Trac on this web page that space in the PDF format.

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Yearly explorer Sport Trac Owner"s Manuals

The years obtainable stretch native 2001 v to 2010 and to watch the manual you just click the surname underneath.


About The Ford explorer Sport Trac

The Ford explorer Sport Trac is usually described as the Ford sports Trac and also was manufactured and marketed in the USA.

It was put right into production together the pickup truck variation of the famous Ford explorer SUV and shared the platform v the second generation Explorer.

On this web page are the owner’s manuals for the Ford explorer Sport Trac, they cover every one of the features and specifications the come through this vehicle.

Competing in the pickup truck market offers many opportunities to carmakers yet the segment is already filled with strong competitors such as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado.

Just together the sports Trac was put out of business the explorer SUV witnessed its 5th generation of design roll turn off the manufacturing line.

The original pickup van lacked any kind of real an option of engine in the first generation although in the second generation that was prolonged to 2 engine choices.

Engines in the second generation were both V8’s ranging from 4.0 litre’s to 4.6 litre’s and the selection of transmission was one of two people a 5 or 6 rate automatic.

The second-generation sports Trac did obtain a most the updates the were released with the 4th generation traveler such together stability regulate and energetic rollover protection.

Another good addition come the 2nd generation model was the inclusion of the four-wheel independent suspension enhancing performance both on and also off-road.

Customers of the second generation truck can pick from one of four trims including Adrenalin, Limited, XLS and XLT.

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The performance-heavy sports Trac Adrenalin alternative added more aggressive styling come the van although the engine was not up-rated.