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My van at this time has 190,000 miles and also recently changed Crankshaft position Sensor (CPS) after ~ MIL password P0339 & P1128. This is the place of crankshaft position sensor after removing the coil pack and the platform wherein the coil pack sits on. I watch one YouTube video clip of 2005 evade caravan with very same engine and followed some wires earlier to the CPS .. The CPS to be under the exhaust manifold and I also unplugged the Cooland sensor simply to have much more room to see
2008 Dodge cool Caravan 3.3L36,000 MilesNO mods
Took her advise and it operated like a champ. Might not check out the point before and also had great difficulty finding it. Her idea fixed the concern - Thanks!
By the way, the purpose of use at the time of instead of was virtually exactly the exact same as yours - 188K miles
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