How to replace the Heater main point in a Chevy Impala. Replacing your Chevy Impala"s heater core is no easy task. There space several components you must very closely remove or reposition to disconnect the main point from the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) module. This module and the main point are located behind the car"s floor ducts.

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Removing the Old Core

Jack up the car and also drain the Impala"s cooling system. Loosen the water pump"s drain bolt and also let the coolant drainpipe into a pan. Near the drainpipe bolt and also lower the automobile afterward.

Remove the heater outlet and also inlet hose from the heater main point (reposition the hose clamps to perform so). Take off the right console expansion panel, body control module and left side extension panel ~ above the former floor console

Disconnect the left instrument facility support parentheses (pull away the carpet in ~ its bottom to reach the nuts). Remove the accelerator control pedal indigenous its position in the front of the dash.

Disengage the center floor ducts by elevating the outlet duct while pushing the ducts down. Rotate the outlet duct front in the car and pull under to remove it indigenous the HVAC module.

Use a tiny chisel to remove all the warmth stakes from the heater main point cover. Ease the nut behind the fuel line bracket. Eliminate the dash panel"s stud in ~ the heater hoses.

Pull the core"s cover down sufficient to with the HVAC module"s locating pins. Slide the covering rearward till the drainpipe tube gets rid of the dash front. Eliminate the covering by slide it down, rearward, and also to the right. You can now remove the core.

Installing the brand-new Core

Install the new core right into the HVAC module, it is registered a new seal ~ above the drain tube. Attach the core cover indigenous the best side, slide it up and also forward into position.

Align the drain tube with the front dash hole and also the main point cover holes v the HVAC locating pins. Download the core cover screws, cutting and folding earlier the sound insulator near the center screw come ease that screw"s installation.

Reinstall the dash panel stud at the heater hoses, tightening the nut behind the fuel line bracket. Align the center floor duct with the HVAC and push it increase while rotating rearward to download it. Placed the floor ducts and outlet duct earlier into the Chevy Impala.

Attach the accelerator control pedal. Pull the carpet earlier and position the left facility support bracket, then tighten the bracket nuts.

Reconnect the left next front floor console expansion panel and also the body control module come the car.

Put top top the outlet hose and also inlet hoses come the core, securing them through their clamps. Refill the cooling device with the ideal mixture that water and also coolant.

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Inspect the foam seal because that the main point on the lower HVAC case. Change it v adhesive black foam tape if damaged.