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Where is the fuel filter on a 2004 Sentra 1.8s? I checked out the standard oil readjust place to execute my oil/filter/etc and also asked lock to adjust the fuel filter, but they told me it was in the fuel tank.Heck, I know the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, yet it seems a small akward for the fuel filter to it is in in the tank. If i don"t have to take it come the dealership to adjust it out, I have the right to do that myself.So, if you have any thought or any type of links come a chart of whereby it could be at, I"d it is in grateful. I"m just a tiny lazy come crawl under the car and look =).
You cant miss out on it, appropriate by the pump, although i think you can just it is in waisting your time to be honest.
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It"s not really a filter, but much more of a screen. It must not really require replacement because that a long, long, lengthy time. The isn"t most likely you require it.
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As far as i know, the spec-v has actually a life-time fuel filter that never demands to it is in changed, not certain if the qg18de is the same way. If the filter is in truth by the fuel pump, climate you don"t require to readjust it.

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My thoughts.....wouldn"t a fitler ideal by the fuel tank reason the tank to fill up through junk over time, or even the pump? I typical with the filter in the engine bay, you have an oportunity to change the filter, removing all the junk v it. Go this make any kind of sense?
2004 1.8 in blackout w/ Pacesetter SS+ ES bushings, 80a coast MM, OZ matrix Elite cs180, Eclipse 8455, DLS A5, eD 11kv2, RL water wetter

Dude, fuel filter are better left alone. Uneven a expert told girlfriend it"s messed up, don"t bother through it. Those things are going to last forever. A mechanic said me one time together a issue of fact, that a brand-new one could reason some problems on a car. (not the sentra, but another car ns had)
Yeah, i guess you"ve answerred my question. Doesn"t make because to have just a fuel "screen" because that a lifetime. The suggest of a filter is to do specifically that, really well.Oh well, I"m no going to complain about that. Around to do a 300 mile round expedition through the Texas hill nation in about an hour. The sentra, "betty", will certainly be waxed, simply had new oil, and will have the trunk cleared of overfill weight just to test my max mpg. Acquired 33 critical time....
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