Before starting any work, you have to disable the mechanism through the article center. The message facility is located on the instrument cluster and also displays vital information through a consistent monitoring of auto systems. Choose display functions on the message center for a screen of sta
tus behavior by a short chime. The mechanism will also notify the driver that potential car problems with a screen of system warnings adhered to by a lengthy indicator chime. The message facility is offered to disable and enable the vehicle air suspension system. Once the driver elects to disable the wait suspension system, the message facility sends a message over the High rate Controller Area Network (HS-CAN) bus come the air suspension module. When the article is received, the waiting suspension module will take no further activity to inflate or deflate the wait springs. The device will default to ON when the ignition an essential is cycled.

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Turn the ignition to the on position, close every doors and also clear warnings.Select the SETUP control function on the post center.Select the wait SUSPENSION duty to display the current status that the air suspension system.Press the RESET manage to turn the air suspension off or ON.

The waiting bag and shock absorber have the right to be separated. Make certain you understand the orientation the the upper mount and air spring prior to you take it the assembly apart. Come deflate the spring, remove the air heat from the solenoid, remove the retaining clip and rotate the solenoid counter-clockwise. Air have to rush out. The o-rings on the shaft and also upper mountain should constantly be replaced and also lubricated with a silicone-based spray lubricant. These aid to seal the unit from outside debris. If you are simply replacing the air spring, make sure the body of the shock is very clean.

The system uses two ride elevation sensors mounted to the rear axle. The voltage calculation decreases (goes from high come low) together the suspension mechanism raises the vehicle. The calculation voltage is between 0.5 and also 4.5 volts. This signals are sent out to the vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM).

Testing these sensors can be done with a meter, limit or scan tool. With a meter, the is feasible to observe changes in the voltage or resistance.

The air bags have actually solenoids placed to the side that enable the bladder come either to fill or compress. Over there is no air reservoir ~ above this system.


When the key is in the on position, the fill leveling feature immediately makes adjustments come the car height so that the automobile is always at target height and continuous front-to-rear vehicle perspectives are maintained when loads change.
The mechanism will set C- or chassis password that will be collection if the system notices abnormal behavior. These codes generally start C17XX. Criteria because that these codes frequently involve a ride elevation sensor detecting to adjust in suspension height if the compressor or solenoids space activated.


Scan devices are vital for functioning on part systems. Some intensified scan tools can observe PIDs for the wait ride mechanism like valve operation, modes and vehicle position. Some new vehicles, favor GM, have actually a calibration procedure for the ride control system.

The Expedition’s journey height and also trim can be calibrated through a scan tool. Not calibrating the ride height can an outcome in suspension and tire damage. To perform this the auto must it is in on a level surface. The ride elevation is measured and also the scan tool can vent or to fill the correct bag.

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Compressor Problems


The heart of an waiting ride system is the piston, piston ring and cylinder. What hastens the failure of the piston ring is heat. The mechanism is dry and also no lubricants protect the piston. The VDM control modules regulate exactly how long the compressor will certainly run to keep temperatures in a designated range. The manage module will certainly look in ~ ambient temperature and other factors to recognize when and also how long the compressor have to run to control the heat.