Brake lamp are one of the most vital safety attributes that her Jeep grand Cherokee has. They allow other vehicle drivers know as soon as you space slowing down, and that they have to slow under too. If her brake lights aren’t working, you’re method more likely to acquire rear ended than normal. The good news is the troubleshooting brake lights the aren’t working isn’t also difficult. The many common cause for this is a bad brake light switch.

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You can test even if it is or no your cool Cherokee’s brake lights room working every by yourself. Just back up really close to the garage door and push the pedal. Girlfriend should have the ability to see the brake lamp illuminating the door. If even one of them come on, you know that the brake irradiate fuse isn’t blown. We’ll walk into an ext depth on that below.

Driving there is no the brake lights functioning is just as unsafe together if your grand Cherokee’s brake lights to be stuck on.

1. Inspect the Fuse

If nobody of the brake lights room working, we space going to follow the circuit native the fuse box ago to the brake pedal. In ~ some suggest the strength is not gaining from allude A to allude B. We just have actually to find where the is.

Please note that tail lights can work also if the brake lights are burned out. It is entirely feasible that all the brake lights shed out at the same time.


The very first thing that you should do if every one of the brake lights are not functioning is examine the fuse. It’ll be clearly labeled. That usually says something along the present of “stop lamps” or stop. You can pull it and visually inspect it to make sure that it is not broken.

Even if that looks fine, if friend have another fuse the the very same amperage, swap it anyway. What works much better is using a basic electrical test light to recognize if the circuit works. Wal-Mart and also any components store will save them in stock, commonly at $10 or less.

Just hook the clip the the light approximately a great ground and touch the two steel tabs on optimal of the fuse. There is no need to pull the fuse for this. It need to be “hot” top top both sides. If that is not, replace the fuse. If the blows more than once, it’s most likely that your cool Cherokee’s wiring harness has actually been damaged on the way to the brake lights. Make sure to put the very same size fuse earlier in

2. Check your grand Cherokee’s Brake light Switch

Ok, currently we’ve confirmed that there is power going to the brake irradiate circuit, it’s time to number out wherein in the path from the fuse box to the brake lamp the strength is lost. The most common location is thebrake light switch. The an excellent news is they room inexpensive and also easy come replace.

Your grand Cherokee’s brake irradiate switch is under the brake pedal. It constantly should have power to run to it, even if the vital is off. Us need absolutely need a check light at this point. The video below shows precisely how to do this.

He has the brake irradiate switch the end of the vehicle, which provides it method easier to see. You execute not should do this.

Basically, there room two wires, one is alway hot. As soon as you push the brake pedal down, it sends out this strength to the brake lights. This is the most likely failure point.

If your vehicle has cruise control, the may show up as despite there space two brake switches. The other one is come tell the cruise regulate to revolve off when you press the brake pedal. You might need to consult your manual to recognize which one is which. But, as a general rule, the cruise manage switch will certainly not have power going come it once the key is off favor the brake irradiate switch does.

3. Check for a poor Ground

If there is a soil wire to run to the brake light switch, make certain that the is secured tightly and also corrosion free. If friend can’t discover the ground cable at all, run a jumper cable to substitute for the ground wire.

Now test the brake irradiate switch. If the works, resolve the soil wire.

4. Other Wiring Issues

If your cool Cherokee’s brake light switch checked out ok, and there are no brake lights illuminating at all, check the wiring exploit going from the brake switch to the bulbs themselves. There can be an worry with frayed wiring, wiring that has lost that ground, or a short/open situation.

If you have actually the “third” or specialized brake light (the one no in her tail lights), examine the harnessafter lock diverge. You recognize that it has actually power before this point since the third brake light is still acquiring power.

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Look in the trunk (if applicable). Check any grounds the harness has actually in there. Make certain that the exploit wasn’t damaged in there. It’s not uncommon for cargo to perform this.

Conclusion: Jeep grand Cherokee Brake Lights no Coming On

If your grand Cherokee’s brake lights are not working, it’s most likely going come be resulted in by a negative brake light switch. Great luck resolving your vehicle!