My radio just quit working at some point I began my vehicle (even through the crucial in the accessory position).

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The time is no being presented (even v the crucial in the accessory position).

The 7.5 amp radio fuse shows up fine.

I heard a buzz when I turned the vital from the accessory position to start.

Any ideas?







Use one Ohmmeter to verify the the fuse is ok (pull the fuse out once you inspect it with the meter) or replace it with a well-known working same rated fuse.

This is simply to totally eliminate it as the problem so the you don’t waste time trying to find something else if this was the problem

You may have to remove the radio and also use a Voltmeter to check that both 12V+ power supplies to the radio room available. One is from the radio fuse and also one is indigenous the ignition key accessory power feed circuit.

Here’s a attach to a video that shows just how to eliminate the radio native the dashboard.

Here’s a attach that shows the radio harness wire colours and their function.

If both power feeds space there then there is a difficulty in the radio itself which will need to be additional investigated

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Looks choose there is power from the fuse box. I"ll let girlfriend what I uncover out on the radio.


After taking out the radio and also checking the power on the harness, i was obtaining nothing. So ns then tried grounding a irradiate tester come the door and also then experiment the vehicle Radio Switched 12V+ wire (red/yellow), and I gained power.

So, for everything reason, the ground wire on the radio harness wasn"t working. Odd...

Thanks for her help!


I assume the you originally checked it in ~ the radio harness plug by place the check light in between the planet connector pen (black wire) and also the strength supply connector pen wire(red/yellow) and it didn"t occupational so you readjusted earth connection and also it did, is this correct?

Try placing a pin with the insulation of the black color wire so that it makes contact with the wire itself. Dressmaker"s pin through a small plastic bead at the end is a good choice.

Do this about 2" indigenous the harness plug (or where you can get an excellent access come the black wire close to the harness plug) and also then either usage an Ohmmeter to test for continuity between the pin and the "radio or open up side" the the black color wire connector in the harness plug or the test light in between the pin and the strength wire (red/yellow) connector.

If it does work then you have a faulty link in the harness plug.

These room usually crimped relations where the "barbs or teeth" the the connector bite through the insulation the the wire to contact the wire.

You could try to tenderness pull the end the black color wire. If it comes (which the shouldn"t), there is the problem.

If the exploit connector exam OK then the difficulty may it is in a broken earth link on the black wire.

You can then test in between the black wire exploit connector or the pin and also the door "earth" using an Ohmmeter to check if over there is continuity in between both.

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If not then the difficulty is through where the black color wire connects come earth.

A means around it would be to attach a wire from the chassis what (bright steel which is connected to planet -prove it through an Ohmmeter) and also then splice that into the black color wire so that you have an earth going right into the radio,