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For the NBS 6.0 occasionally the oil pump will certainly go wrong as result of a poor O-ring or another component ~ above it. I just tackled this job on Saturday for my friend and also we found an easier method to do it, to eliminate the oil pan you"ll have to remove the differential and that"s just a bunch of rash so I"ll give you the actions we did.Remove the front clip, not a requirement but it will certainly make that easier.Remove the pan shroud and the pan itself.take every belts off consisting of the AC belt.drain the coolant and also the oil, change the oil filter so friend don"t forget but DONT refill.disconnect all radiator hoses.remove the harmonic balancer, this have the right to be a pain especially if the puller division on it, we offered a socket ~ removing the bolt to push against the crank and also take the balancer off.remove the water pump.remove the plate come the time chain and also what not, there are two bolts ~ above the bottom that this plate that go up v the oil pan, these are the just two bolts top top the pan that have to be"s the funny part, the bolt ~ above the bend pipe room in the pan, friend can obtain a tiny wrench in there and loosen it, once this is done her going to should use part hemoclamps (I forget what they"re actually called we ended up calling lock hemoglobens and other names i cannot article on here) yet they"re those small scissor feather clamp things.use this to loosen it A BIT, when its loosened take a fishing cable or item of string and also tie it roughly the bolt, if friend don"t perform this and also the bolt falls in the pan you"re in for a lot much more hours the work.continue taking it off and also pull the bolt out of the pan, when its out store it ~ above the string, you"re walking to need to put this earlier on.Now you should disassemble the oil pump itself, take it the former plate off and remove the gears, then take the 4 mounting bolts off and you have to use a lot of finesse to acquire this off, rotate it towards the top and pull, acquire it kitty cornered top top the gears and pull under on the flex pipe, that takes some time yet you simply gotta wiggle and work through it. Don"t usage a screwdriver as you don"t desire to destroy the oil pan that you have the old pump turn off clean turn off the gaskets because that the water pump and also the plate that covers the oil pump. Make sure theres no residue this is all necessary steps.take the new oil pump apart and get the earlier plate on, when its somewhat on the gear on the truck obtain that flex pipe in there and also do the wiggle to get it ago on there, the stakes are higher as you deserve to scuff increase the gears trying to get this earlier on, make sure you change the O-ring top top the flex pipe.once the flex pipe is back on, gain that flex pipe up in there and also use the hemoglobens (still don"t psychic the name) and also get the bolt back in that is hole, they speak you can shave under the parentheses notch the keeps it in place but we didn"t desire a bunch of steel in his oil pan so we opted not to carry out this.Once that action is done put the 4 mounting bolts top top the brand-new oil pump, add the gears and also put the face plate ago on.add the new plate gasket and tighten the down, don"t over torque and blow the brand-new gasket.replace the water pump gaskets and also reinstall the water pump. Obtain that harmonic balancer ago on, you might need to hammer it on to get that bolt come grab the threads within then hammer the down with the waiting gun.reinstall the belts, then the radiator hoses, include the fan ago on and then the shroud.

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Refill her oil and your coolant.There girlfriend go! one replaced oil pump. This is a lengthy process (book time says 5 hrs with removed the diff however I don"t check out that happening) double check all her connections and make sure everything is where it needs to go and you"re every set.