Modern vehicles need much much less maintenance than the vehicles the 25 years ago, but they still need fluid changes, inspections, and adjustments. You no longer need to do a tune-up every six months or readjust the oil every 3 months, yet regular service and check-ups space still crucial to her vehicle’s longevity. What complies with is our fast reference guide for the 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra pickup van (and 2007 Silverado/Sierra Classic), plus Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, and Yukon SUVs, taken directly from hand-operated 24066.

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Most of this recommended regime maintenance tasks you can do yourself at home for practically no money, as lengthy as you have a couple of simple tools and the time come invest. If friend need an ext guidance, or even step by action instructions and a video demonstration, get the online manual, or our traditional published manual.

Oil Change

Oil typeAPI “certified for petrol engines”
Oil viscositySAE 5w-30 every temperatures
 SAE 10w-30 temperatures above 0 degrees F
Oil capacity(including filter) 
V6 engine4.5 quarts
V8 engine6.0 quarts
Recommended fastener torque 
Engine oil drain plug18 ft-lbs

Transmission fluid Change

Automatic transmission fluid type 
1999-2005DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid
2006-2007DEXRON through automatic infection fluid
Manual infection lube typeSynchromesh transmission fluid or equivalent
NV 4500Syn-torq synthetic transmission fluid or equivalent
ZF S6-650Trans-Synd synthetic transmission fluid or equivalent
Automatic transmission liquid capacity 
Fluid and also filter change 
4L60-E/4L65-E5.0 quarts
4L80-E/4L85-E7.7 quarts
From dry, including torque converter 
4L60-E/4L65-E11.2 quarts
4L80-E/4L85-E13.5 quarts
Manual infection lube capacity 
New endeavor 35002.2 quarts
New endeavor 45004.0 quarts
ZF S6-6506.3 quarts
Recommended fastener torque 
Automatic transmission 
Pan bolts97 in-lbs
drainpipe plug156 in-lbs
Pan bolts 
2004 and 2005 models18 ft-lbs
every others97 in-lbs
drain plug156 in-lbs
Manual infection fill and also drain plugs 
New endeavor 350022 ft-lbs
New undertaking 450027 ft-lbs
ZF S6-65026 ft-lbs

Transfer Case and also Differential liquid Change

Manual transfer case fluid type 
New venture 261 NP2DEXRON III automatically transmission fluid (2006 and later models need DEXRON VI)
Automatic transfer situation fluid type 
New venture 236 NP8, new Venture 246-NP8,GM Auto Trak II transfer case fluid
Others 1999-2005DEXRON-III automatic transmission fluid
Others 2006-2007DEXRON-VI automatic infection fluid
Differential liquid type 
Selectable 4WDSAE 80W90 GL-5 gear oil
permanent 4WDSAE 75W90 artificial gear oil
RearSAE 75W90 man-made gear oil
Transfer case capacity 
New undertaking 246-NP8 
1999 through 20012.4 quarts
2002 and also later2.0 quarts
New endeavor 236-NP82.0 quarts
New endeavor 149-NP2.4 quarts
New undertaking 263-NP12.0 quarts
New endeavor 149-NP32.2 quarts
New undertaking 261-NP2 
1999 v 20012.3 quarts
2002 and later2.0 quarts
Borg Warner 4481-NR31.5 quarts
Borg Warner 4482-NR41.5 quarts
Recommended fastener torque 
Manual transmission fill and also drain plugs 
new Venture 350022 ft-lbs
new Venture 450027 ft-lbs
ZF S6-65026 ft-lbs
Transfer situation drain/fill plug15 ft-lbs
Differential drain and also fill plugs 
prior differential24 ft-lbs
rear differential 
199945 ft-lbs
2000 and also 200124 ft-lbs
2002 and also later 
drain plug 
9.75 inch ring gear20 ft-lbs
All except 9.75 customs ring gear24 ft-lbs
to fill plug 
9.75 customs ring gear15 ft-lbs
All other than 9.75 inch ring gear24 ft-lbs

Cooling system Flush and Fill

Engine coolant type50/50 mixture that DEX-COOL coolant and also demineralized water
Cooling device capacity** 
V6 engine13.0 qts
V8 engine 
4.8L and also 5.3L16.7 qts
Yukon Denali, Yukon XL Denali19.0 qts
All others16.8 qts
** Cooling system capacities vary depending upon engine/transmission package, radiator and A/C device type. Include coolant as important to bring to proper level.

Other Miscellaneous fluid Types

Brake liquid typeDOT 3 brake fluid
Clutch fluid typeDOT 3 brake fluid
5-speed transmissionDOT 3 brake fluid
6-speed transmissionGM clutch hydraulic fluid
Power steering fluidGM strength steering fluid

Other miscellaneous Torque Specs

Spark plugs132 in-lbs
Wheel lug nuts140 ft-lbs
Brake caliper 
Caliper mounting (guide pin) bolts 
2005 1500 models74 ft-lbs
all others80 ft-lbs
1500 models31 ft-lbs
2500 models80 ft-lbs
Caliper mounting bracket bolts 
1500 models 
1999-2004129 ft-lbs
2005133 ft-lbs
2500 models221 ft-lbs
1500 models148 ft-lbs
2500 models 
1999-2002128 ft-lbs
2003 and later 
JC3/JC5/JH2/JH5 calipers148 ft-lbs
JH6 calipers122 ft-lbs
JH7 calipers221 ft-lbs


Maintenance Schedule

The following intervals are based on the assumption that you will certainly be act the service work yourself, together opposed to payment to have the work-related done. These space our recommended minimum maintenance intervals because that vehicles that are thrust daily, and in many cases are shorter than the factory’s recommendations. Because frequent maintenance boosts the efficiency, performance and resale worth of her Jeep, us encourage you to follow our schedule. If you drive in dusty areas, tow a trailer, idle or drive at short speeds for expanded periods, or drive for quick periods (less than four miles in ~ a time) in below freezing temperatures, even smaller intervals are recommended.

When the car is new, monitor the maintain schedule to the letter, document it in her owner’s manual and also keep all receipts to protect the warranty and also resale value. In many instances the early stage maintenance inspect is done by the dealer at no expense (check v the company department when you purchase the truck for more information).

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Every 250 mile or weekly, whichever come first

Check the engine oil levelCheck the coolant levelCheck the windshield washer liquid levelCheck the brake and clutch fluid levelsCheck the tires and tire pressure ( section 5 )

Every 3000 mile or 3 months, whichever come first

All items noted above, add to . . . 

Check the strength steering liquid levelCheck the automatic transmission fluid levelChange the engine oil and also filter

Every 6000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first

All items noted above, add to . . . 

Check the seat beltsInspect the windshield wiper bladesCheck and service the batteryCheck the engine drivebeltInspect underhood hosesCheck the cooling systemRotate the tiresCheck the lubricant level in the prior (4x4) and rear axles

Every 15,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first

All items provided above, add to . . . 

Lubricate the chassisCheck the fuel systemCheck the brake system*Check the exhaust systemCheck the manual transmission lubricant levelCheck the transfer case lubricant level - 4WDReplace the interior ventilation filter*

Every 30,000 mile or 30 months, whichever come first

All items detailed above, to add . . . 

Change the brake fluidReplace the waiting filter*Replace the fuel filterReplace the spark plugs (conventional, non-platinum)**Service the cooling system (drain, flush and also refill) (green-colored ethylene glycol anti-freeze only)Check the steering, suspension and driveaxle bootsChange the automatic infection fluid and filter**

Every 60,000 miles or 48 months, whichever comes first

Change the hand-operated transmission lubricant**Change the transfer case lubricant**Inspect the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valveChange the differential lubricant**Replace the positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve

Every 100,000 mile or 60 months, whichever comes first

Inspect/replace the spark plug wiresReplace the spark plugs (platinum type)Service the cooling mechanism (drain, flush and refill) (orange-colored DEX-COOL anti-freeze only)

* This item is affected by “severe” operating problems as explained below. If your automobile is operated under severe conditions, do these maintenance work at half the recommended intervals. Severe problems include the following:

Operating in greatly dusty areas (dirt roads, or off-road)Idling for extended periods and/or low speed operationMostly brief trips (less 보다 4 miles) when outside temperatures remain below freezing

** If operated under one or an ext of the adhering to conditions, do these procedures at half the encourage interval

In hefty city web traffic where the outside temperature is regularly over 90-degrees F (32-degrees C)In hilly or such as mountain terrain Frequent trailer towing Frequent off roadway use or if the car is moved through water