Hello, Here is a guide and also the diagrams listed below so you can see how the task is done:https://www.chathamtownfc.net/articles/crankshaft-angle-sensor-replacementCheck the end the diagrams (below). Please let us know if you need anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.Cheers


newly replaced the crankshaft position sensor and also she has actually been running great. 2 days earlier the check engine light came on ns drove the a total of 4 blocks. Because then and also yesterday she turns over, yet will not start. Can it be fouled plugs?

You are going to have actually to discover out what the password is that brought about the inspect engine irradiate to come on. The ECM must be scanned and also I am ready to bet it will lead you directly to the problem. If you have the right to at least obtain the password number we can uncover out the meaning. You deserve to buy scan tools for cheap this days, many auto parts stores offer them much less than about eighty dollars.

some auto components will scan the ECM for complimentary if you simply ask. Just write down the password number and we will acquire right top top it.

that is pretty easy, if you buy a scanner it will come through instructions or we deserve to talk you v it. We are always here come help. =)
hi GRANDMAOFABZ,If you decision you would choose to conduct the scan yourself here is a attach to an write-up that features written step by step instructions and pictures explaining just how to do the scan yourself, likewise I have included a attach to our YouTube channel v a exactly how to video clip on code scanning.This is applicable even if your examine engine light is not on. Most scanners are inexpensive come purchase, you can purchase one online from sites prefer Amazon.comhttps://www.chathamtownfc.net/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashinghttps://youtu.be/YV3TRZwer8kOnce you have the codes please get ago to us so that us can further assist you. Us are always happy come help.Thank you because that visiting chathamtownfc.net.Kindest regards,ReneeAdmin
There are some automotive electric testers that claim to be able to test sensors, personally I would certainly not also try, if the system examine shows a faulty sensor, 99.9% of the time that is so, if you want to test a supplied sensor. I would certainly not go there, always use new, however basically in my opinion over there is no satisfactory test for this conserve the scan test.
simply to add to this one you deserve to test the crankshaft position sensor through a multi-meter you just put that on ohms setup of 2,000 most of the sensors will read approximately 800 ohms when there good. Once they test bad they will read as open circuit I have actually tested many of the Saturn ones. Yet what you have to keep in psychic is you need to test it the moment it fails most that the sensors are poor one minute and good the next. For this reason if it falls short long enough and also your prepared to test it then it deserve to be tested. What size engine do you have? It can also set a code once they fail no always but castle can. Have you confirm for password yet?
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