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where is the cabin air filter located? I confirm behind the gloves box however everything is really sealed up. Looks like you would need to take a lot of things apart just to replace a waiting filter.
Most filter are easily accessible through an accessibility panel in the HVAC housing, which might be under the hood or in the internal of the car. Part filters require simple hand devices to remove and also install the filter; others just require her hands. Must be an instance in your owner manual and also should be simple to replace. Check the plastic cover under the windshield or the duct work-related under the hood.
I have actually never changed a cabin filter on any kind of Ford SUV or van in every my 7 years working on Ford. I am not also sure if they exist.....................
Vehicle: 2006 FORD expedition XLT sport Engine: V8 5.4 Liter FI Cabin air Filter; deserve to only be mounted if Ford Kit # F65Z-18D477AA has actually been installed. Same component numbers because that the 2003 Lincoln Navigator
How would I recognize if kit F65Z-18D477AA has been installed? I have actually a stale smell in my cabin that I"d favor to eliminate - have tried lots of things but want to know definitively whether or not I have a cabin filter - behind my glove box is a massive a/c "thingee", with no clear way in to change something an easy like a filter.

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There is no cabin filter and no add-on filter because that this version Navigator or Expedition. The factory company manual in fact states specifically can not be supplied on these vehicles. Friend can accessibility the internal inlet by removing the glovebox or simply releasing the stop tabs and letting the hang broad open. Try a mold death spray or good mist scented bleach sprayed into the interior inlet v the blower on HIGH in interior air recycle mode. This will kill the mold that builds increase on the evaporator and also most likely eliminate that odor.-Mike
In mine owners hands-on for 03 navigator, it says there"s an additional filter under both former seats. It have the right to be accessed fron the earlier area and also moving the seat forward and up. Only problem is the book doesn call it a cabin filter. And also the auto parts store don"t have them in stock

In my owners hands-on for 03 navigator, it states there"s an additional filter under both front seats. It deserve to be accessed fron the ago area and also moving the chair forward and up. Only difficulty is the book doesn call it a cabin filter. And the auto components store don"t have them in stock
Those filters under the Navigator seats room for the chair ventilation system, no the as whole cabin filtration. There"s no cabin filter.-Mike

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