The following article gives thorough instructions on instead of the fuel filter top top a BMW E46 3 series car. Even though we have used a 2003 BMW 325ci to perform this repair, this article can be used to any 1998-2006 BMW E46 3 collection vehicle v minor modifications.

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If you are experiencing slow-moving acceleration, unstable idle, or are having trouble beginning your 1998-2006 3 collection car, it may be time for a BMW E46 fuel filter replacement. It is recommended that you regularly readjust the fuel filter on her BMW as part of a "healthy" fuel system maintenance program.

One that the best maintenance programs you have the right to run on her BMW is making certain you room feeding her engine many of an excellent clean fuel. Pour it until it is full up consistently with a an excellent quality gasoline (we personal use shell 93 octane only...but let"s not start that debate) is a major part that that maintenance program. Consisting of a great fuel additive (like Techron) ~ above a continual basis is also key. Act both of these will help ensure her BMW engine runs smoothly and delivers the power, performance, and also fuel performance you intend out of your bimmer. Well...for the many part.
Even despite you are consciously preserving your car by utilizing the ideal gasoline, it"s one unfortunate reality that dirt, water, and also microparticles space still finding their method into her fuel system. Together these small beasties collection in her fuel filter they restrict the circulation of gasoline, resulting in a autumn in engine fuel pressure and also a lose in performance and efficiency. A badly clogged fuel filter will many certainly reason a fuel pump failure, or even worse clogged fuel injectors. A regular BMW fuel filter replacement is cheap insurance against costly repairs under the line.
There is a lot of online chatter concerning when to readjust the fuel filter on her E46 3 series. Ours opinion is this: you need to do a BMW fuel filter instead of every 30,000 mile or 2 years, whichever wake up first. It"s that important. The fuel filter was set up in her BMW as a replaceable maintenance item to safeguard your engine and also your fuel pump. It have to be changed on a regular basis, as with your oil filter. 
The great news is a BMW fuel filter replacement on the 3 collection E46 is relatively inexpensive. A kind fuel filter will expense you under $100 and also can be mounted in around an hour or so. We display you how in the following step-by-step procedures.

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***The BMW M52 engine (323i and 328i) has actually a slightly different fuel filter with just one inlet port. The BMW M54 engine (325i and 330i) has actually two inlet ports. Make certain to double-check your year and also model car before notified this part for your BMW fuel filter replacement.

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