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maybe that is not the chain. A buddy to be driving the automobile when he heard a bop climate it died at an initial he believed he go out a hose yet nothing was leaking and the hoses looked fine, but when you shot to start it it makes a whining noise virtually like the starter has dropped however that wouldnt do the auto die would certainly it. Right here is a video clip of me make the efforts to start it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKt-A9ZRYcQ
I have NOT skilled this v a cool AM but have had other vehicles wherein the belt/chain would jump and they sounded favor that as soon as you make the efforts to start them. Does that sound different to you 보다 it offered to sound?
kallenbach_05 thanks for the reply, would certainly the starter trouble make the car die still while steering it.
no poor starter will not reason engine come die,remove oil cap, tell someone to crank the engine because that you while you room looking inside for the something moving. If girlfriend don\"t see things relocating inside then the chain fell off or is broken.
1st correctly on gaining a manual.what engine 4 or 6?how countless miles.like currently said watch if the crank is transforming are belts turning?pull plugs to watch if over there is any type of compression.i\"m thinking crank is turning but no cam.Good Luck,Mike
after city hall your video clip for the second time I would certainly say the the trouble is in starter (the pinion is not moved forward so the the small starter\"s gear can communicate the flywheel) so it sounds favor the starter is cost-free spinning or the pinion is engaging the flywheel however due come the inner starter mechanical trouble it can not revolve the flywheel and is free spining in place.Engine died because of other else. You said that girlfriend heard a \"bop\" and engine died. Hopefully internal engine components are not stuck so that your starter have the right to not rotate the flywheel. View if you can turn the crankshaft by hand making use of ratchet.check engine oil level, examine coolant level.
3100 many thanks for the reply. When the wife turned the key i listened under the hood and also the sound was definitely coming indigenous the starter. Ns couldnt see right into the valve cover come see any movement since the hole is covered with just a slot because that the oil. Checked all the fluids and also all seems good. Getting a manual and gonna acquire started goin under the list. Very first i will check and also see if i have the right to turn it through a ratchet. When again thanks.
i pulled the valve sheathe off and the chain is broken, couldnt pull it all the method out tho. Also pulled the plugs, they look like they gibberish been changed in awhile. Currently i will certainly be trying to turn the crank to see if i deserve to move it and also if i can i will find top dead facility for the first cylinder and also begin replacing the chain.http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/scarecrow0529/100_2795.jpghttp://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/scarecrow0529/100_2794.jpg
Isn\"t there marks or dots on the gears to obtain them come the appropriate timing position? I recognize when i did a time chain and gear ~ above a GMC pick-up, the is how it was done. I did not have actually to check cylinder 1 come TDC.
Pull the head,you have actually bent valves and it will carry out this on 1996 and up 2.4 quad 4s consisting of jumping time because it is an interferance engine.
just drained the oil.http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/scarecrow0529/100_2797.jpghttp://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv298/scarecrow0529/100_2799.jpg
If i remember right, the 2002 4 cylinder is the quad 4 i beg your pardon is one interference motor. If this is so...then forget instead of the time chain cuz the motor aint gonna run. Edit: nvm wafrederick currently covered this. Guess ns should have read all the replys
1996 come 2003 2.4 quad fours space interferance engines.By looking at the picture,it is the 2.2 ecotec engine,not the quad 4 i m sorry do have actually timing chain troubles once in a while.Quad 4s perform not have a valve coverThe 2.2 ecotecs are cheap to discover at any kind of auto salvage yard and easy to find,not worth fixing when the time chain breaks likewise bending valves.I have replaced 2 ecotecs,timing chain damaged on them and it to be cheaper to change the engine as result of price of lock used.There room 2 concealed bellhousing bolts,not one ~ above the ecotecs.
thanks because that the replies guys. Therefore what does that oil call ya. Is the the head gasket or the head itself. A used engine would certainly be what about 300 come 500 bucks. I will not ~ it it is in cheaper to deal with the one i have if i execute all the job-related myself. Or am ns in way over my head. Many thanks again.
It is simpler to change the engine,the ecotec.You will certainly pay at the very least $300 come $400 because that an supplied 2.2 ecotec.You will certainly spend more money finding an offered head and getting a gasket set including the timing chain collection which is dealer component only probally.I typical by the covert bellhousing bolt you can not see very well.

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well the looks like we room gonna walk the offered engine route. Any suggestions on some leads to obtain me started never bought a used engine before. Walk it need to be the specific same engine or will other engines go in it. Thanks
There room 2 surprise bellhousing bolts,not one ~ above the ecotecs. What does this mean.that method that there space two bolts that you can\"t easily see as soon as trying to different engine native trans during engine removal process.
you want to change with the exact same engine the years might be interchangable however scrap yard will have that info.Good Luck,mike