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Will it really cost $1500 to deal with my heater core (2004 Mercury Sable) (2012, gaskets)
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I execute not think it is your heating core yet if it is below is the price....While we discover your parts, please enter your ZIP Code at PartsAmerica.comYou deserve to also usage craigslist under the automotive solutions to uncover a great independent mechanic. I would certainly be willing to say you might most likely gain the whole thing done with components and labor for under $300. $1,500 is beyond ridiculous, more prefer highmeans robbery.

Many type of excellent write-ups below. Please take it to one more shop. $1500 is means as well a lot for any kind of heating problem consisting of a new heater vehicle (yeah expensive yet not that much).Good luck.
I had my heater core reput around 5 years earlier (98 Taurus), it was around $350 or so, parts and also labor, at an independent.

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After all the pontificating right here around exactly how heater cores are only "failed" if they are leaking, it"s noticeable the majority of folks do not understand what"s going on via the coolants and metallurgy of the alloy heater cores and various other metals in the electric motors today. We"re not dealing with cast iron blocks/heads and also copper/brass radiators and also heater cores anymore ... haven"t for a long time. The old diagnostics and also guidelines of what functions and what falls short do not apply anymore. There are significant metal transport problems going on in present production cooling devices and these greatly influence the warm transport ability of the blocks, heads, radiators, and also heater cores.Without a doubt, we"ve had actually to relocation the majority of heater cores which don"t carry warm anymore, and are practically impossible to "clean out" with acids or caustics in a cooling mechanism flush. We check out similar difficulties in radiators that do not transport heat anyeven more, also.So, the fundamental tests that you can carry out yourself to verify that the heater core is at fault presents two areas of concern:1) is the heater/a/c manage system directing the airflow with the heater core? and also,2) is the heater core receiving a flow of warm water?If the climate manage system is altering over to fresh air, or recirculated air in MAX A/C mode, it"s most likely moving over to the heating mode, if the defrost and also heater modes otherwise work-related OK.If you feel the hoses going to the heater (from underhood) beginning from a cold engine, you need to feel the warm water begin to flow in one of the hoses. Shortly afterwards, you"ll feel heat water coming with the various other hose. If the engine temp gauge mirrors normal engine temp, and also the coolant gets hot sufficient to flow via the radiator hoses and also you feel hot air coming from behind the radiator fan aircirculation, then the water have to be as hot going into the heater core. Of course, use normal prewarns to not put your hands right into any moving components under the hood through the motor running.So, if the water is "hot" on among the heater hoses and "cold" on the various other, then your vehicle has actually no flow via the heater core. It"s a lot of likely obstructed and will not flow the hot water. Or, if the hoses are equally hot, then the heater core is not moving warmth.It might be feasible to clean out the heater core through a citric acid based flushing solution (run warm in plain water), yet don"t count on it. We"ve tried to clean out the majority of heater cores in miscellaneous renders and the development is mostly marginal. On certain VW/Audi cars, we"ve even rigged up a "heater core" flushing unit with a heated water/acid solution and also a water pump and a manage valve (to save from blowing up a heater core) and let it run for a day to clean out the deposits/plating on the inside of the heater core. These cars are specifically hard to remove the heater core, and also the heater core replacement job deserve to price as a lot as the worth of some of these cars ... or at least a large percent oftheir value.I"ve checked out other Ford vehicles have this heater core difficulty.If you"re not mechanically inclined to carry out the standard tests on the heater device, then take the auto to a radiator shop that can percreate the diagnostics and also perhaps clean out the heater core or replace it for you. It must price a lot much less than a dealership pricing.