The 2002 Ford Escort comes through a serpentine belt that routes around each front engine accessory. The serpentine belt controls every the engine accessories at the exact same time from the same belt. Once the engine is running, the belt is driven approximately the accessory pulleys by the crankshaft. The belt is tensioned come the front of the engine by a belt tensioner device that keeps the suitable amount of stress on the belt at every times. Change the belt if there is too much cracking or fraying present. If the belt breaks, every accessories avoid working.

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Open the hood. Locate the serpentine belt routing diagram the is stamped come the height left next of the hood locking latch ~ above the pan shroud. The routing diagram has actually the routing instructions essential to path the brand-new serpentine belt approximately the accessory pulleys.

Locate the automatically belt tensioner ~ above the front of the engine. The tensioner because that the 2002 Ford Escort models is situated on the front facility of the engine above the crankshaft pulley. The tensioner has a roller wheel attached come one finish of the tensioner arm. Use the bolt head in the center of the roller wheel to rotate the tensioner.

Rotate the belt tensioner counterclockwise v the 1/2-inch drive breaker bar and a socket. On slide the belt out from under the roller pulley and release the tensioner.

Pull the belt the end of the remaining pulleys and also out that the engine area. Match the used belt to the brand-new belt to ensure the brand-new belt is the appropriate width and length.

Lower the brand-new belt right into the engine area and around every accessory pulley-block by complying with the routing directions on the belt routing diagram. Start with the crankshaft pulley and end through the tensioner roller pulley.

Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise again v the breaker bar and also socket. Slide the new belt under the roller pulley and release the tensioner. Examine the new belt to ensure that is sit within every one of the accessory pulleys.

Crank the 2002 Ford Escort engine for about 10 secs to completely seat the belt inside of the pulleys. Revolve the engine off. Recheck the belt. Close the hood.


If the belt routing diagram has actually faded indigenous the peak of the pan shroud, draw a diagram of the routing procedure of the existing belt and use it when routing the new belt.


Remove the ignition an essential from the vehicle before functioning under the hood. This stays clear of anyone indigenous accidentally cranking the vehicle.


"Ford Escort and also Mercury Tracer Haynes Repair hands-on for 1991 thru 2002"; john Haynes; 2003

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