I had actually my engine replaced a year ago with a Jasper 4.7 V8 engine. Last winter I had no issues with the heat, recently I have the right to smell the antifreeeze odor for the very first minute or so, then it walk away. This only happens when I use the defrost or floor warm using outside air. When I usage the recirculating air over there is no smell. There room no indicators of leaking top top the floor board or a fall in the fuild level in the radiator. Ns am not sure if it demands to be replace or there might be a loose hose. If so whereby is the heater main point located, under the dash in front of the passenger chair or in the center of the dash behind the regulate knobs and radio. Where room the hose coming in from the firewall, perform I need to take turn off the dash to tighten the hoses If requirements to replaced what is thge typical cost.

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Hello Please carry out the special, on your vehicle so that us can far better assist you. There are countless Dodge trucks, is the a Dakota, Durango, lamb 1500 etc. Also, please tell me what engine come out the the truck and the 8th number of her VIN.

mine VIN# 1D7HA18N*********, and also it is a evade 1500 4 door pick-up sport. The initial engine was a magnum 4.7L V8. I did notification that even with the recirculation warm there is a really faint smell however goes away quicker than when using the exterior air. It only lasts for a minute or two, uneven I revolve the blower on high. Also one more bit that info, there was a time where the blower walk not work-related at all until I tap ~ above the unit the is under the dash in front of the passenger seat. I do thank you because that help, that is really nice that you offer this service. It just happens that I uncovered the site on accident, I will certainly be sure to let anyone I know to use it.

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Hello jmitchell2958Okay - below we go. You can examine the relationships of the heater hoses yet all the time I have seen - as soon as you odor anti frozen your main point is leaking. Your floor doesn"t need to be wet as it can be a mild leak.It may be plugged a small - you can inspect that by emotion the heater hoses going into and coming out of the dash. If the inlet is hot and the the end is cool, liquid is not going v the core.I imply you change the core. Now on your car you need to remove the HVAC housing. To it is in honest, it won"t be fun or it can be fun - i guess that is the glass is fifty percent empty or half full point - yet you can do it. Ns can administer you v all the details if you would choose it.Also, since on your you have to remove the HVAC housing, girlfriend will need to disconnect the AC lines so you will have to company the AC system. Her blower is also in this. My tip - when you have it out replace the heater core and also the blower motor. Just let me recognize if you want the details on remove the HVAC. It is lengthy so I want to make sure you desire if prior to sending it.Heater hoses - sorry yet I searched with two tech manuals and there is no pic the them. They need to be 2 hoses, about 5/8th and an extremely close with each other going into the passenger"s next of the fire wall. The ideal I deserve to do is carry out one from one more vehicle to give you an idea.