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I freshly purchased a 2002 Dodge lamb 1500 Magnum SLT 5.9L 4x4 Quad Cab lengthy Bed with 3.92 ratio. I am looking to purchase a travel trailer because that the family.I have actually been on plenty of sites and also cannot get specific towing volume for the truck. I have seen as low together 7,100 to as high together 8,350. The is too drastic of a difference in stimulate to small my find for a ideal trailer.Any assist would be significantly appreciated.
Best I could come up through hope this helpsModel: 2002 Dodge lamb Pickup 1500MPG: 13 city / 17 highwayHorsepower: 240 hp
4,800 rpmTowing capacity: 7,850 lbsEngine: 4.7 l V8Curb weight: 5,350 lbsPayload: 1,450 lbsDimensions: 228-250″ l x 80″ W x 75-77″ H
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