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I have to replace the cam timing sensor on my automobile as the dreaded code and check engine light showed up yesterday...2003 evade Intrepid SXT 3.5L . I wanted to make certain that the is (located looking indigenous the front) on the ideal side under the upper intake . I think this is correct but wanted a 2nd opinion. Thank you.

To acquire to the Camshaft Postion Sensor?You can just ease it.BUT you have to re-tighten in the proper sequence and also to the exactly torque spec.--Terry
yes to obtain to the camshaft position sensor ~ I experienced a P0344 code. Would certainly I gain the sequence and torque indigenous a service manual because that the plenum?
yes to get to the camshaft place sensor after I experienced a P0344 code. Would I gain the sequence and torque native a organization manual because that the plenum?
Yes, the sequence and also the talk specs space in the 02 - 04 FSM.Both have the right to be found on page 9-161 (Section 9, page 161).Link come FSM:

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