Fuse crate diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment the fuses and also relays Cadillac Escalade (GMT800) (2001, 2002).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in your auto are safeguarded from brief circuits by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers, and fusible heat links. This substantially reduces the chance of fires caused by electrical problems.

Look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the tape is damaged or melted, change the fuse. Be sure you change a bad fuse with a brand-new one of the identical size and also rating.

If you ever before have a trouble on the road and also don’t have actually a preventive fuse, you deserve to borrow one that has actually the same amperage. Simply pick some attribute of your vehicle that friend can obtain along there is no – like the radio or cigarette lighter – and use its fuse if that is the exactly amperage. Replace it as quickly as you can.


Before instead of a fuse check that the crucial has been eliminated from the ignition and also that every the services are switched off and/or disengaged.Do not repair fuses and never change a puffy fuse with one that has actually a greater amp rating. This can cause damage come the electrical system and also fire.Never change a broken fuse v anything various other than a brand-new fuse. Use constantly an intact fuse that the very same color.If a fuse blows again call authorized services.You have the right to remove fuses v a fuse extractor. To eliminate fuses if friend don’t have actually a fuse extractor, host the end of the fuse between your thumb and also index finger and also pull directly out.
Engine Compartment Fuse Box

The underhood fuse block is located in the engine compartment near the battery top top the driver’s side of the vehicle.



STUD #1Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring Feed/Load Leveling
ABSAnti-Lock Brakes
IGN AIgnition Switch
AIRA.I.R. System
RAP #1Retained Accessory Power, power Mirrors, strength Door Locks, Power Seats
IGN BIgnition Switch
RAP #2Retained Accessory Power/Rear power Windows, Sunroof, Radio
STUD #2Accessory Power/Trailer Wiring Brake Feed
TRL R TRNRight rotate Signal Trailer Wiring
TRL l TRNLeft turn Signal Trailer Wiring
IGN 1Ignition, Fuel Controls
INJ-BIgnition, Fuel Controls (Relay)
STARTERStarter (Relay)
PARK LPParking Lamps
FRT HVACClimate control System
STOP LPExterior Lamps, Stoplamps
CHMSLCenter High mounted Stoplamp
VEH STOPStoplamps, Cruise Control
TRL B/UBackup Lamps Trailer Wiring
INJ-AFuel Controls, Ignition
VEH B/UVehicle back-up Lamps
ENG 1Engine Controls, Canister Purge, Fuel System
ETCElectronic accelerator Control
IGN EA/C Compressor Relay, Rear home window Defogger, Daytime Running Lamps, A.I.R. System
B/U LPBackup Lamps, automatically Transmission transition Lock Control System
ATCAutomatic move Case
RR DEFOGRear window Defogger, Heated mirrors (Relay)
RTDAutoride (Real Time Damping)
RR PRKRight rear Parking Lamps
F/PMPFuel Pump (Relay)
O2 AOxygen Sensors
O2 BOxygen Sensors
LR PRKLeft behind Parking Lamps
RR DEFOGRear window Defogger, boil Mirrors
HDLPHeadlamps (Relay)
TRL PRKParking Lamps Trailer Wiring
RT HDLPRight Headlamps
DRLDaytime running Lamps (Relay)
HTD MIRHeated Mirrors
LT HDLPLeft Headlamps
A/CAir Conditioning
AUX PWRCigarette Lighter, Auxiliary strength Outlets
SEO 2Special devices Option Power, strength Seats
SEO 1Special devices Option Power
DRLDaytime to run Lamps
A/CA/C (Relay)
FOG LPFog Lamps
FOG LPFog Lamps (Relay)
RADIOAudio System, tool Cluster, Climate manage System
CIGARCigarette Lighter, Auxiliary strength Outlets
RT TURNRight turn Signals
BTSIAutomatic Transmission shift Lock control System
LT TURNLeft rotate Signals
FR PRKFront Parking Lamps, Sidemarker Lamps
W/W PMPWindshield Washer Pump
HORNHorn (Relay)
IGN CIgnition Switch, Fuel Pump, PRND321 Display, Crank
RDO AMPRadio Amplifier
HAZ LPExterior Lamps, danger Lamps
CTSY LPInterior Lamps
RR WPRRear Wipers
TBCBody control Module, far Keyless Entry, Headlamps

Instrument dashboard Fuse Box

The fuse block access door is located on the driver’s side edge of the tool panel. Pull turn off the covering to accessibility the fuse block.



L body LOCKRetained Accessory strength Relay power Door Locks
DRV UNLOCK LOCKPower Door Lock Relay strength Door Lock Relay
HVAC 1Climate manage System
CRUISECruise Control, tool Cluster
IGN 3Ignition, power Seats
4WDNot Used
CRANKStarting System
INT PRKInterior Lamps
L DOORPower Door Lock Relay
BRAKEAnti-Lock Brake System
RR WIPERRear home window Wiper
ILLUMInterior Lamps
SEATPower chair Circuit Breaker
TURNExterior Lamps, turn Signals, risk Lamps
UNLOCKPower Door Locks
HTR A/CClimate manage System
WS WPRWindshield Wipers
IGN 1Ignition, tool Panel
MIR/LOCKPower Mirrors, strength Door Locks
DR LOCKPower Door Locks
PWR WDOPower home window Circuit Breaker
UNLOCKPower Door Lock Relay
IGN 0PRND321 Display, Odometer, VCM/PCM
SEO IGNSpecial tools Option, Ignition
SEO ACCYSpecial devices Option Accessory, moving Telephone
RAP #1Retained Accessory power Relay
RDO 1Audio System
RAP #2Rear power Windows, Sunroof, Radio

Center Instrument panel Fuse Block

The center instrument panel energy block is located underneath the tool panel, come the left that the steering column.


SEOSpecial devices Option
HTD STHeated Seats
SPARE 4Not Used
VANITYHeadliner Wiring
TRAILERTrailer Brake Wiring
PWR STPower Seats
YE9Not Used
PARK LAMPParking Lamps
SPARE 2Not Used
PUDDLE LPPuddle Lamps
SPARE 3Not Used
INADV PWRInterior Lamps Feed
CTSY LPCourtesy Lamps
CEL PHONECellular phone call Wiring

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