I just recently purchased a 2002 Buick Park Avenue with 120,000mi top top it. The ahead owner recently had actually the transmission liquid flushed. I"d choose to not problem that it wasn"t done proper and replace the filter, gasket, and also fluid myself.Sooo:-what form of transmission liquid do this take(it"s not an Ultra)?-Royal violet ATF Max fluid ok?(assuming that the answer above is ATF fluid)-Any friction modifiers needed?Also:-Any thing I missed that have to be changed in their(other 보다 the gasket and filter)?-Should I adjust it 2x come make sure the feasible gunk indigenous orginal transmission flush is gone(as in drainpipe it, clean everything, re-assemble OLD parts, operation car roughly the block 2x, drainpipe it again, and then change filter/gasket/fresh fluid)?-Am I missing anything?Thank girlfriend emensly ahead of time!
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If the liquid is bright red and also it"s moving fine I would drive it. It"s spec"d for dexron 3 but you have the right to upgrade to dexron 6. The difficulty is you have actually a convertor full of fluid that won"t drain on a pan drop.

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I believed that was the suggest to an altering the liquid 2x...wouldn"t this drop the old liquid from the talk converter to pan level?I will certainly be an altering the fluid so i can readjust the filter and clean the pan.So this is Dexron tranny?

A transmission flush transforms all the fluid. Over there is no gunk left behind. IMHO, you space over thinking this. I would look in ~ the fluid on the stick. If the looks and also smells fresh, and the infection is moving fine, leaving it alone. Yes, the liquid is Dexron, all GM transmissions are. Every the Dexron fluids space backwards compatible. I would adjust the fluid and filter every 15-20 thousand miles. You can avoid difficulties that way. If girlfriend must, you have the right to drop the pan, and readjust the filter. Girlfriend will require 7-8 qts.
Well the flush was done somewhere approximately 110,000mi therefore it"s at/almost at that 15-20k mark. I recognize the filter to be NOT adjusted when that was done...that"s why i was/am overly worried about gunk develop up in talk converter and what not....Looks choose ill just change the fluid with dexron through via a pan drop and readjust the filter and also pan gasket.It"s moving ok, however I know it to be smoother before the flush...and we all understand their is dispute on infection flushes....

Well the flush was done somewhere roughly 110,000mi for this reason it"s at/almost at the 15-20k mark. I know the filter was NOT readjusted when the was done...that"s why ns was/am too many worried around gunk build up in torque converter and what not....Looks prefer ill just change the fluid with dexron by means of via a pan drop and change the filter and also pan gasket.It"s moving ok, yet I understand it was smoother before the flush...and us all recognize their is controversy on transmission flushes....

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There shouldn"t be any gunk in the converter, or all over else if the fluid was readjusted regularly. Yes, I would not have had actually it flushed, however that was out of her control. If the fluid looks red and is no burned, ns agree, fall the pan and adjust the filter. Within the pan is a rectangle-shaped magnet. That is common to view some metallic sludge from normal wear and tear. Clean all that off, and also the pan as well. The transmission gasket is reusable. Simply clean it. The is of wonderful design. That is why the filter kit don"t come with a gasket. It can be a pain to get the filter out as it is a press fit in a replaceable collar in the valve body. The kit comes with one more collar. It deserve to be a pain to get the collar the end also. Be careful, and great luck.