Lincoln continent owners have reported 13problems regarded suspension (under the suspension category).The most recently reported problems are noted below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Lincoln Continental based on all troubles reported because that the Continental.

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I was backing out of my garage at home and when ns turned mine steering wheel, the left front feather broke and shredded the inside of the tire. I checked the area that the feather broke, and also it was clean, unrusted metal, there was no authorize of an brewing failure, simply a suddenly break. Watch all problems of the 2001 Lincoln ContinentalšŸ”Ž.

The contact owns a 1992 Lincoln Continental. While driving approximately 30 mph and attempting to make a turn, the steering capability seized. The call had come maneuver the vehicle to the side of the roadway where the contact noticed the the behind sub-mount fractured. The car was towed come the dealer. The manufacturer was educated of the failure. The approximate fail mileage to be 130,000. The VIN was not available.

Put automobile into reverse, and tire automatically blew the end for no obvious reason. Upon additional investigation, front left feather had broken and broke. Spring had punctured tires sidewall as soon as being put into reverse and also busted off plastic stabilizer link. Had actually this taken place while traveling at highway speed, that would have actually shredded tire. Check out all difficulties of the 1999 Lincoln ContinentalšŸ”Ž.

A neighbor pointed out that the car was sitting number of inches lower than common closer come ground if parked in driveway. I began to check on this every time i went to use the car. Sometimes vehicle was common height, periodically lower. Ns noticed that, sometimes, once I turn the ignition key there to be sound heard like a pan operating. Ns asked questions of world who had actually owned comparable models and also was told the there to be a trouble in this model showing up 4 to 8 years after manufacture. This model has actually a ride manage which requires three "ride control" settings. Together cars period there are air bags under the car which manage the feeling of car (plush, normal, firm) and they change accordingly. Before I begin the car, if it sit low, transforming the ignition crucial causes the ride mechanism to progressive the automobile frame a few inches above the tires. Periodically in cold weather this does not seem come operate and also a message shows "check ride control". The store that does routine company regularly tells me that this is a difficulty in Lincoln/fords and also that repair often cost $2000 or more. The vehicle now has about 114,000 miles on it and also this trouble occurs an ext often. I believe this has become a safety issue, and also I have been called that ns am no the only owner having this problem. The vehicle was to buy from an additional owner, whom i know, in around 2008. He had actually purchased the from a Ford dealer together a "program car" I think in 2001. View all difficulties of the 2000 Lincoln ContinentalšŸ”Ž.

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While driving on the highway the vehicle started to advice on it,s own and when I used the brakes they wouldn"t work. I had actually to obtain off the following exit because I didn"t desire anyone to obtain in former of me due to the fact that it went all the way up to 90 mph. Once I gained off it still was speeding up so ns drove increase on the sidewalk to keep from hitting web traffic at the light and got right into the grass and it still to be going fast and also the brakes tho not functioning I prayed and put it into neutral or ns would have actually went right ago into the traffic. When I put it in neutral it stopped and then I placed it in park and also turned the off. I then turn it earlier on and it was idling so high and also loud i turned it back off and also called a tow truck. Once they arrived he stated that the link to the accelerator was stuck and that"s is why the brakes weren"t responding. That then called the dealership who proclaimed he wasn"t certain if the might look at the vehicle or if he did as soon as he would have the ability to work top top it. Since then it has actually been sitting and also I uncovered out around all these various other recalls and also complaints for the an extremely other points we to be having problems with ~ above this car. The tower also stated that he assumed there to be a recall because that this acceleration if for this reason I need to recognize this due to the fact that this car needs to be fixed on the various other recalls. This is the an initial time the did the acceleration but the foggy winshield,the seatbelts locking increase on utilizing the prior seats, the suspension and brakes have actually been prefer this for a while and also we were never notified about these recall for this reason we might get castle corrected. Others and also myself could have been seriously hurt on the highway if i didn"t stay calm v out the entirety ordeal. I would like some solution to what I must do next and also if this is a recall choose the others have the right to I require to the dealership and also have the corrected. Right currently it can be thrust at all.