Rostra twin pack solenoid – 3-4 and lockupHD 50185 Borg Warner governor pressure solenoidRostra governor pressure sensor - transducer temperature sensorOutput rate sensorSonnax updated 3-4 accumulator springGovernor press solenoid body gasket

It is an extremely common because that these transmissions come have digital failures. This kit will gain back your infection electronic role to far better than factory level. The hefty duty governor pressure solenoid contained in this kit is a large upgrade end OEM. The included 3-4 accumulator spring in this kit is additionally a major upgrade. This transmissions commonly had damaged springs, i m sorry can cause 3-4 change problems, or even transmission failure.

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Typical problem: Wrong equipment start. Starts in 2nd or 3rd gear.

Possible DTC – Diagnostic trouble Codes

P0748 – Transmission regulate relay circuit, governor push solenoid circuitP0753 – 3-4 solenoid circuit, transmission regulate relay circuitP1762 – Governor pressure sensor balance out volts high or lowP1763 – Governor pressure voltage also highP1764 – Governor pressure voltage also low

Additionally, you can include the complying with upgrades come this currently amazing kit:

High quality liquid filter and Duraprene pan gasketDNJ materials DCF1 billet governor push GM high power upgrade(For 2000-up only) HP Rostra governor press sensor – 50-1171, or BD Diesel1060602 press Transduer upgrade kitHD talk converter clutch (TCC) lockup rise valve feather retainer - Sonnax or premium – Fixes loss of 4thgear and torque converter lockup fluid pressure.External cable harness pigtail repair finish - Plug, 12" extension of wires, and also connectorsATSG rebuild manualLubegard Platinum fabricated additive - Insider tip: plenty of shops usage this man-made supplement in every fresh rebuilt infection to save them on the road past the warranty.

The change solenoids and sensors consisted of within this kit can all be installed with the transmission in the automobile during a routine fluid change. As an option, the essential gaskets and also transmission filter deserve to be included to this set.

This electric upgrade package functions in the adhering to applications:

Ram truck – 1500, 3.9L, some 5.2LRam van – 1500, 3.9L, part 5.2LDakota 3.9L, 5.2LDurango 3.9L, 5.2LJeep grand Cherokee 5.2L, 3.1L 1993-2000Jeep grand Cherokee 4.0L 1994-2004Mitsubishi Pickup 1993-1996

This full electronics collection will occupational in the adhering to years: 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and also 2004.

If the infection is no burned and you continue to have issues, you can have a stuck shift valve. In this cases, you would be compelled to eliminate the valve body and complimentary the stuck valve to deal with the problem.

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The governor push solenoid had in this kit is packed in liquid from the factory. This is the only way to ensure they room functioning upon installation, through no difficult valves. It have to be detailed that transforming a solenoid on an currently burned transmission will not resolve the transmission. If this item walk not solve your problem, it will certainly not average that this items is defective, but more likely you have actually a trouble that needs a different solution. If your liquid is shed or your transmission is slipping, this solenoid will certainly not settle the problem. A full rebuild will be needed and also at the point, ~ the rebuild, this new solenoid kit need to be installed.