If you space in the industry for a provided heavy-duty Ford pickup truck, you have probably wonder just just how long you can expect the V10 engine come last. That’s since Ford installed this engine as part of the modular engine lineup from 1999 come 2010 in its supervisor Duty trucks. What’s more, most of this trucks space priced much lower than similar diesel trucks.

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But is it precious the investment, or will you much better off ponying up for the diesel equivalent? To assist you uncover out, we have researched everything there is come know about the Ford V10, for this reason you can know simply how many miles you deserve to expect to gain out the it.

The Ford V10 has a stellar reputation for reliability. Presume the engine has actually been well cared for throughout the life, you have the right to expect that to critical at least 200,000 miles prior to needing to do any significant repairs. That means the big V10 shouldn’t scare you away, unless 10 mpg top top a an excellent day frightens you, the is.

But there is a lot more to consider when it involves the Ford V10 engine. Is the the right engine for you, or need to you stick to the diesels and also V8s you’re provided to? Keep analysis as we talk about the ins and also outs the this big, inexplicable powerplant.

This write-up was initially written in may of 2019, but it has actually been to update with present information.


What is the Ford V10 all About?

First introduced for the 1997 design year, the Ford V10 was originally used in E-series vans and also the motorhomes based upon them. To develop this engine, Ford simply added two cylinders come the modular, 5.4-liter V8 the was introduced at the exact same time.

The functional modular engine household had already been about since 1991, so by this point, we deserve to assume that Ford knew the ins and also outs the this powerplant. Other engines in this line encompass the 4.6-, 5.0- and 5.4-liter V8s

The initial version of the V10, a 2-valve unit, was supplied until 2005. After debuting in Ford’s van lineup, they make their way into the F250 through F550, and also the Excursion SUV. This engine produced between 305 and 310 horsepower and also 420 to 425 lb-ft of torque.

In 2005, a new version of the V10 to be introduced. Utilizing 3 valves, the new and improved V10 experienced a power bump and was installed in a brand-new family the vehicles. Make a maximum of 365 horsepower and 460 lb-ft that torque, this engine was solid enough to be provided in the F750 as well as the Blue Bird college bus.

V10 Reliability

We know that, as part of the Ford modular engine family, the V10 has some solid design roots. And the truth that Ford made decision to usage this engine in so many different industrial-strength vehicles must tell united state something about its durability. After all, commercial buyers won’t placed up v weak or fidgety engines in the vehicles they usage to make a living.

After discovering the typical issues and also owner reports on various Ford forums, it shows up that the V10 is a really reliable engine together well. In fact, that is quite tough to discover anyone voicing any significant concerns about the robustness of their Ford V10.

So How countless Miles have the right to You intend from a V10?

It deserve to be difficult to recognize just how long one engine will last you. Over there is no registry of engines and their lifespans, so every we have the right to really walk off space owner and mechanic reports of their experiences with the V10. Sure, it’s not precise science, but this an approach usually functions pretty well. Owners room often fast to warn others once they have actually had bad experiences through a specific vehicle or engine.

Checking the assorted Ford van forums online, over there are countless reports of problem-free V10 experiences, as well as engines lasting fine over 200,000 miles. One owner also reports having 439,000 miles on your V10, through very few problems follow me the way. That’s diesel engine territory!

If you have actually a well-maintained V10 in your possession, I see no factor you shouldn’t expect at the very least 200,000 miles out of it, as long as you proceed caring for it by the book. That means regular oil changes and also everything else together prescribed in her owner’s hands-on – fuel filters, transmission fluid, everything.

A Warning around Longevity Numbers

As we talk about the life span of this engine, store in mind the no two offered vehicles room the same. Owners treat your vehicles really differently, from the levels of use and also abuse come the maintenance schedule. A high-mileage engine that has been preserved religiously could very well serve you better and for longer than a lower-mileage truck with a negative maintenance history.

That means there is no one solid answer come the inquiry of just how long the Ford V10 engine lasts. Still, every trucks room not developed equal. Some space just an ext reliable than others.

Other worries with the V10

Okay, so this engines can last a lengthy time, however will over there be lots of little issues follow me the way? according to most owners, the price is “no.” In fact, aside from a pair of minor repairs, very couple of V10 owner have had to attend to anything but routine maintenance. Still, let’s go over few of the comes to with the Ford V10.

Fuel Economy

Okay, nobody expects to obtain Prius-like mileage out of your pickups, especially heavy-duty ones. However the Ford V10 has a reputation for getting also worse mileage than just around anything else out there. Compared to diesel trucks, the V10 sucks under fuel favor it’s going out of style.

Checking the end owner-reported fuel economic situation on fuelly.com, most of this trucks room averaging in between 8 and also 10 mpg. That’s low, yet what can you suppose from the diesel engines? after all, these room big, hefty trucks the are much more often than not towing and also hauling large loads.

Well, follow to the (much more numerous) owner reports, pretty much all of the diesel engines, including the venerable 7.3-liter, obtain 3 come 6 more miles every gallon than the V10. That’s a large difference when we space talking about fuel economic climate numbers this low.

Rough Idle

One the the most usual complaints about the V10 is a rough idle. For anyone who has actually experienced this issue, that sure can be annoying. The great news is the the resolve is regularly a basic and cheap one.

If you occur to find an otherwise an excellent V10-engined truck that suffers native this issue, first check the PCV hose. Often, these hoses will construct a crack in time that leader to the turbulent idle. And also there space plenty the videos online showing you exactly how to solve this concern yourself, such as the following:

Exhaust Problems

Other 보다 the idle, the other main concern regarding Ford V10 integrity is the exhaust system. Plenty of owners report that their manifold studs rust out and also fail, leading to an exhaust leak. You deserve to easily discover repair kitsonline for much less than $30 that must remedy the problem.


Check the end this fix kit on Amazon.

Clearly, you would certainly rather have an problem with a reasonably inexpensive exhaust than an engine. Still, this is other to have checked on your vehicle before purchasing, just so you know what to mean down the road.

And since we pointed out repair kits, it’s worth pointing out this one, a favorite through Ford fans:


Click to see this device kit ~ above Amazon.

Advantages the the V10

Just together there room downsides come this engine, there are also some optimistic things come consider.


Perhaps since of the negative fuel economy, or probably it’s since people don’t know exactly how reliable these engines are, but V10 Fords offer for thousands less than diesel pickups. And because plenty of shoppers will only consider a diesel, castle are fairly easy to discover on the provided market.

Gas Power

If friend would quite stick to a familiar gas engine than a diesel, yet still want plenty of strength for towing, the V10 is a good option. From 2005 to 2010, the supervisor Duty V10 readily available 362 horsepower and also 457 lb-ft that torque. Sure, it’s not contemporary diesel-levels the torque, but that’s a the majority of power because that a gas engine. Even the 2018 F-350’s 6.2-liter gas V8 engine can’t complement that torque!

Hey, it’s a V10

We haven’t really talked around this yet, yet V10s room cool! How plenty of vehicles execute you recognize of that use this type of engine? many are supercars choose the evade Viper, Audi R8, or the Lamborghini Huracan. So that puts you in some pretty cool agency as you tool approximately in her heavy-duty pickup!

More Ford V10 inquiries Answered (FAQ)

Does Ford Still sell The v10?

Ford discontinued the V10 engine line in 2019. However, if friend are looking for one, end 750,000 vehicles were offered with this motor. Plenty of of the more recent engines developed in the critical ten year were offered in commercial vehicles choose school buses, yet you deserve to still get your hands on the motor.

How lot horsepower (HP) walk a v10 engine have?

The early stage V10 models debuting in 1997 clocked in at 275 hp and reached 310 hp through 2000. The three-valve upgrade in 2005 upgraded the engine to 362 hp. This was one of the final meaningful upgrades to the engine model.

How much horsepower go a 6.8 v10 have?

The 6.8 liter V10 debuted in 1999 and boasted 305 hp in ~ 4,250 RPM. V the design years that 2000-2004, the engine upgraded to a value of 310 hp in ~ 4,250 RPM. Finally, engine models indigenous 2005-2010 got to 362 hp at 4,250 RPM.

Is A V10 much better Than A V8 Engine?

The V10 produces more torque 보다 the V8. If your arrangement is come tow hefty loads, favor a camper, the V10 may be a far better option therefore extra power. There is no swapping end to a diesel engine, the V10 is just about the ideal towing engine you can get. The only real benefit to the V8 would certainly be gas mileage due to the fact that it has had continual improvements. On a job vehicle, you could say that the V10 is a better or also a cooler option.

What year go Ford fix the spark plug problem on the v10?

The spark plug blowout concern was addressed in 2002. The solution came through one of the many engine blocks and also head design upgrades Ford made during the life the the V10.

How much oil walk a Ford v10 hold?

The oil capacity of your engine counts on the model. The Ford Triton automobile specs sheet says the oil capacity to it is in 6 quarts, consisting of the oil filter. Check your owner’s hand-operated or uncover one digital for your certain model to be certain of her oil capacity.

What is the ideal oil for a Ford Triton v10?

According come Ford, the ideal oil because that a Triton V10 is 5W-20 semisynthetic motor oil. The encourage oil filter come go with that is a Motorcraft FL-820 filter.


Click right here to check out this artificial blend oil ~ above Amazon.


Click here to watch this oil filter top top Amazon.

Some Ford forum website members likewise suggest utilizing a 5W-30 full synthetic oil.


Click here to check out this man-made oil top top Amazon.

How have the right to I get better gas mileage in mine Ford v10?

The super-low gas mileage on the V10 have the right to hurt her wallet, however there are a couple of things you have the right to do to make some renovations to it. Change the waiting filter every 10,000 miles and also keep her tires correctly inflated. Shot to run errands in a method that boundaries the amount of time the engine has to cool down and drive as lot as you can when the is warmed up.

Installing a chip in the engine can also assist out v your miles-per-gallon. Make certain the chip friend purchase has a fuel-economy setting. The chip will offer you more power as soon as you require it and save gas as soon as you don’t.

There room a couple of parts you can install to aid out her fuel economy. Look into running a dual-exhaust system and also a cold waiting intake. Throttle body spacers are additionally an option. These installations will enable your engine to take in much more air and also run more efficiently.

Ford v10 integrity in motorhomes

Even despite the V10 comes with a an extremely high fuel bill, that is an very reliable engine. Similar to other engines, the V10 needs regular maintenance and checkups. But, if you remain on optimal of that, issues are rare through the V10 engine. Back there room no main stats, V10 engines are well-known to last well over 200,000 miles.

How numerous miles per gallon does a v10 RV get?

The V10 has a similar fuel economy to other RVs, including diesel engines. You have the right to expect between 7 and also 10 miles every gallon as soon as you aren’t towing one more car or extra camper space. If you are towing a auto behind, intend a slightly reduced mileage, between 5 and also 7 miles every gallon.

In Closing

Now that we know all about how amazingly trusted the V10 is, we hope the you know whatever you need around making this purchase. According to all of the research, there is really no reason not to go for it. The is, uneven the rather appalling gas mileage figures scare friend away.

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But that really is the only significant concern v these engines, and also we doubt anyone shopping because that a V10-powered, heavy-duty van isn’t as well terribly involved with fuel economy in the first place.